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Base model 280zx project

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Finally got the time to pick up the block. WP_20131121_020_zpsb1d6bff6.jpg


Also I keep messing around with my 240sx, which is where funds seem to disappear to:

5 speed swap done back at the beginning of august (drove to cali with an auto, left with a manual):


Some bracing:


Just picked up some coilovers today (11/21/13)

Before cleaning





Installed an Innovate A/F gauge:



Because this stuff will be going in soon (KA-T):



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The coilovers that were on my S13 were KTS (what SPL parts are now). They rode pretty stiff, but the damping knob on one of the fronts was broke off so it was stuf at like 8 clicks hard (out of 15) rears were good. They were 8 and 6 just like my Kei office, and I got them for a steal ($250 plus my stock springs and shocks). I was planning on trying to use them in my 280zx, but the thread pitch of the shock tubes was different. 


Anyway, things have changed. I've moved to Cedar Rapids, IA. Sold the S13 to put a down payment on this:



Which promply got this: 


Tomei full titanium exhaust to bring out that Subaru sound, and save like 30 lbs of weight. 


and then a lot of this:



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This project is still alive. Dropped the motor to be assembled at Touge Factory in Chicago, was told the head was damaged by Mazworks (used the wrong type of material when machining the valve seats). They helped find me a new sr20 long block, which I also needed the crank from (and misc. accessories/brackets) and they kept the short block while I got the head. 


Dropped it off in February, but due to issues in getting parts they have just now finally gotten the motor together (still waiting on lash pads). They are just not getting into fabbing the mounts, and will be doing a complete rewire for a standalone system. My car was dropped off in early June, when the main tech working on my car quit. 


Big plans are it now has solid lifters, will be using an AEM EMS (instead of my haltech), and will be redoing the fuel system for e85. Block is good for 500hp, and the shop says there should be no issues hitting at least 400hp. 


So that's where it sits now. My subaru is still my dd, but on a stage 2 protune. I will probably be going e85 on that as soon as I can get a clutch/flywheel combo. 

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I know what ya mean. It has been raining damn near everyday for a while now here in Ohio. I am supposed to be picking the car up this weekend. I plan on trying to get the s13 coilover swap done first. I will be watching the thread for updates!

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Yeah, photobucket seems to have screwed almost all the car threads and other forums I view.  It's understandable but it would have been nice if there was an easy way to migrate but then they couldn't hold people's pictures hostage.  

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