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Datsun Patches

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Hi How is every one. Let me start off by saying this is my 1st vendor post so bare with me B) . I am here to offer a few different Patches to the community that I came across.I recently saw a old post bump about Datsun patches ,which I'm still trying to get. But I just happen to stumble across these patches and the guy who makes all of them . So after talking with I found out that He made a bunch of hybrid z Patches Also,Yes score I know for another member previously . So basically He had all these Datsun Patches sitting around a few years and I just happen to be lucky enough to stumble across them and work a deal On them . At the time He doesn't think we will get any more up and running til sometime in January. I will do my best to stay on him to get them done . At the time whats listed below is all we currently have . Til we order the next batches. I already got the thumbs up From Dan to post up the patches. If this all goes well I will talk to him about allowing me to make hybrid z shirts, and sweaters. A donation of all Hybrid z patches profit will be donated to the forum as a way of thanks. For Payment info Please send me a pm. All patches Include Free shipping any where in the USA,and pay pal fee's Included.If u have any question or concerns Please feel free to pm me. Have a wonderful Holiday season.


Bonus 1st 15 orders over $20 get a FREE Turbo patch with there Purchase!!!







Large Hybrid z patch 9 1/2 x 3 1/4 Single 18.00 Set(2 patches 1 small 1 large) 26.00 14 In-stock

Hybrid z Small patch 4 x 2 Single 10.00 112 In-stock

Large Nissan Patch 10 x 7 Single 18.00 8 In-stock

Datsun Z(Black&Silver) 3 3/4 x 3 Single 10.00 9 In-stock




Below This point are a few rare vintage patches From the bob sharp Paul Newman era I was told Paul Newman made them. And the others are Nissan mechanics/Dealer patches. Any how They are very old in in pretty good shape still. A couple of the others are just new old stock patches That where available So I picked up the last of them . The patches listed below are limited quantity and will not be reproduced as the cost is to much.




Nos/Vintage (Limited quantities)


Nissan Dealers Patch 4 x 1 1/4 single 12.00 17 In-stock

Bob sharp/Paul Newman Sets (Set:2 patches 1 large 1 small) 20.00 10 In-stock

280z (Black/Yellow) Single 8.00 12 In-stock

260z (Black/Yellow) Single 8.00 6 In-stock

260z (Yellow/Blue) Single 6.00 7 In-stock


Misc patches

Turbo patch Single 5.00 21 In-stock

post-5511-006547200 1323833564_thumb.jpg

post-5511-098431500 1323833566_thumb.jpg

post-5511-014385700 1323833570_thumb.jpg

post-5511-037985100 1323833572_thumb.jpg

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My Datsun jacket from our first run of patches in '06 finally bit the big one. It got a large rip and is not repairable. So, I'm making another one. As a birthday gift to myself, I just purchased a new Dickies lined Eisenhower jacket.


I tell ya man, this jacket is a fantastic conversation starter. I met so many people with this jacket. I even met my wife while wearing it.


I have washed this jacket many many times over the years and the patches that Robert made have held up fantastically. I see you have the large Datsun patches available, but do you have the small ones (same design as the large patch) as well?


It looks like you haven't updated this thread in a few years. Would it still be possible to buy a large and small Datsun patch? Thanks man.

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