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OK, the project is about done.

JUN Stroked 3.8l, APS Twin Turbo, Cosworth Heads, JWT Cams, Closed Deck, ATTESA-ETS Equiped (electromagnetic tfr clutch from G35X), Getrag 6 speed (BNR34), Quaife Rear Diff, open front, AP Racing BBK, true TEIN coilovers all round, Ikeya arms, custom sway bars, Widebody 350Z that is rear guards are same profile just 100mm wider overall to compliment hugh tyres and Strosek Body Kit. Rear Track is 26mm wider.

Long project with a whole lot of custom work but then its a hobby so who's counting. I started this as a street car but its quite hard core, probably a good Targa car or time attack. It is [email protected]*king quick Im proud to say.

Car has about 4000 k's on it from showroom all run in and testing. Now fitted with NISMO dash so it shows 75k's and looks brand new & stock apart from wider guards/wheels which is the look I was after. Shift pattern is stock and feels stock apart from NISMO short shifter which feels very positive with the Getrag. The Getrag handles it a lot better as well.

I am able to provide a kit for conversion and instructions for works to be done after the long and lonely journey. Pattern Making and molds (gearbox & shift linkages primarily) to be done by mid next year. Pics to follow.

Once you have the parts in hand, the total conversion should take less than a week as its minor floor pan/ chassis work and the rest is boltup. It can be plated & legal in QLD.

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