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DriveShaft adaptor flange fastener recommendation

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Hey all,


I installed my R200 CLSD last weekend and came across a small predicament.


The bolts i purchased to mate the drive-shaft to the pinion flange are too big!


I used the Drive Shaft Adapter Flange from:




Specifically, the adapter for 300ZX (part number #DAT-110-300ZX)


I purchased 4 10mm x30mm socket cap bolts, but the head diameter is too large and there's no sleeve/shoulder.


What I cant find is either the original bolts from Nissan for the 88 300zx turbo that the R200 came out of, or a similar replacement.


This is the closest I can find, but the head diameter is grater than 14mm, which is what I measured for head diameter:




any ideas on how I can find the right fasteners?





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