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~73 Turbo L28 to N/A RB25 240z Project~

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Never mind that! Found them on eBay. Nice build by the way. Your original s30 inspired my dream of an NA RB in the distant future!



Thanks, I miss the old Z..never should have sold it! The N/A Rb was really fun, finding aftermarket parts was a scavenger hunt though.


I'm looking forward to feeling turbo power once again! B)

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Just a thought looking back on this post I had a thought. On my 1 Z I had a similar radiator and I got a sandwich plate and used that bottom portion of the radiator as the oil cooler and it worked pretty good. Had to get creative routing the line to clear the alternator pulley but just a thought.

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Awesome work man, I still remember sending you a pm for your old Z when you were selling it but it went slightly beyond my budget on ebay and missed it. Got something else and now about it to finish it. It was one hell of a built looking forward to see this one as well :)

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Thanks for the kind words guys. Unfortunatly the Z is still sitting at the shop getting the kinks worked out. Iv'e just been collecting interior pieces to replace the broken ones.







Heres what the rear interior currently looks like





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5/22/2013,  the Z came home for the first time. Not under her own power unfortunately...currently in the process of tracking down a no spark problem so the ECU is getting sent to Jim Wolf for a closer inspection.


Spent the whole day cleaning the ol' girl up. I removed the ugly yellow fog lights and clear side markers, and did a phase one cleaning job.


I was really surprised to see how clean the hatch area was. The paint looked brand new and no signs of rust.









Here's some of the junk..






Looking Japanese again..



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I pulled the driver side carpet up today expecting to see some form of rust but was surprised once again to find it's rust free from what I can see. There was some missing body plugs and bumps from improper jacking.










Removed the passenger side carpet today. No rust.





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Looking around for future rusty problems today. Under the cowl looked pretty good. Some light surface rust.




Looks like the driver door was replaced at some point, good amount of surface rust at the bottom right.




Passenger door appears to be untouched. Makes sense..it opens and closes like new.





The battery tray area looks like it might be the worst part. Hard to really tell with 3 different layers of paint.



I found a receipt under the carpet from 2010 in San Jose. Seems like typical minor rust from a Northern California Car no?


Going to use Por 15 to combat these areas.




I've had these military grade Humvee air ducts for awhile now waiting for a purpose..




Since the intercooler pipes are taking up the fresh air vent holes I used the lower holes and routed them up to get some fresh air inside.





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The battery area didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would. What looked like any rust was mostly old paint and battery acid nastiness.




All cleaned up and 2 coats applied.






Had some left over so I decided to coat the underside of the cowl.




Also painted the inspection lids in a semi gloss black to match the under side of the 78 hood. Prior they were red underneath.



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Replaced the driver side weather striping and installed the rubber door bumpers that were missing.







I've been toying with the idea of using this Trico vacuum powered van for some extra breeze. Going to see if it grows on me. 1920's aftermarket goodies are cool! :icon45:





Here's the shift knob. Retro look but with classy redwood burl wood





Current interior picture:



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