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Sam's 79 RHD 2+2 SR Swapped

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I'm working through some weird electrical issue now that I've never had before.  I hate those.  I was in the middle of working out the suspension for the Hawaii inspections.  I added the full Techno Toy Tuning adjustable front struts with their bump steer spacers, 250lb springs, and adjustable tension rods.  That took about a whole day to do including replacement of the front bearings, races and seals.  I noticed that my Rota 17x9 rims up front and tires come really close to the strut bottom spring perch.  So far I'm going to limit how low I put the car with this very near interference.  A spacer should take care of that later, but I really try to avoid those.


I added some cheap rear spring spacers to lift the rear a little from the Tokico Blue HP set.  My hope is that this will temporarily increase the rear camber to within factory specs and remove a little toe back there, so that I pass their silly rear alignment here and can get registered.  Afterwards I'll take the spacers out and eventually get eccentric adjusters for the toe back there.


So far the car rides really well.  There were a lot of fixes in the last two weeks though.  I added a flex section to the exhaust to reduce fatigue on the SS down pipe.  I added a hanger to the exhaust near the transmission mount (custom 350z 6 speed mount).  The front bearings have a very small amount of play/wear but now are new.  I'm pretty happy so far with the TTT stuff and how it feels.  After an alignment I should be better able to state how it handles, but I have to get rid of some stupid short first.  It was running pretty good for having electrical gremlins before I parked it.

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