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10 years after hybernation - '75 280z

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Tranny mount welding is done.

Photo 23 05 17, 7 25 58 PM

Photo 23 05 17, 7 25 48 PM

with cheap welder... as long as it strong enough, it's ok.

Photo 23 05 17, 7 28 04 PM

Photo 23 05 17, 7 27 56 PM

For tranny mount, which way is the correct way??

Photo 23 05 17, 7 26 27 PM

it touching edge of the mount. I need to grind it.

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My plan was to use Series 1 240Z drive shaft which is shorter and should fit 71c conversion.

However, I found out the pinion flange is different from R180 and R200.

Thus, I need to shorten driveshaft.


I brought 280Z drive shaft to SouthBay Driveline and they get it shorted $150 in a day!





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After battling wiring mess with power windows, power lock, Viper Security system, Alpine head set, finally, I figured out.

I made mistake for custom starter relay wiring.

I connect custom relay to Yellow/Black line to starter. That's causes breaking relay and frequently run starter even though after starting engine.

I had to connect Black/Yellow instead!


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