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S130 Parts Weight Thread - DEFINITIVE

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No glass, no crank arm, no interior panel, no window switch, no trim, not a single bolt left on the door, except the hinges.


Don't forget those are 2+2 doors which are considerably longer and heavier. But I'd guess all the guts add a solid 15-20 lbs per door.

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Just bought a scale. Weighed the hood of my car, without the torsen bar and it ame out to about 44lbs. Also weighed my front tire and it was 40lbs. 


Tomorrow I will weight my N42 intake, turbo, turbo mani, downpipe, jpipe and ECU/harness. Does anyone know the weight of the MSA 6-2-1 headers?

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Got a chance to weigh most of my stuff before I sell it. I will be comparing these items to the ones I'm going to use on my SR20 (so turbo mani+turbo compared to the SR turbo mani+turbo)


Turbo elbow: 5lbs



Turbo and turbo Mani (wrapped): 35lbs



N42 intake shaved no egr +cockerstar fuel rail and injectors: 15lbs



ECU and harness: 8-10lbs 



Jpipe: 1-2 lbs



K&n cone filter, stock rubber pipes to afm and to turbo: 10lbs



Oil pan with like 1/8 qt oil in it still: 8lbs



MSA cup holder: 4lbs



Tranny shift cover and boots 2lbs



Ttop one side only: 10lbs x2



Tools I normally carry in the car: 12-14lbs


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Everyone says that sound deadening make up a lot of weight I I remember only getting out like 13-17 lbs. That was from everything except the firewall. Weighed it with a scale first with me and the sound deadening, then just me and subtracting the difference. I do remember the ac stuff adding up to much more.

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