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78 Z Aftermarket Seats

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Question for ya'all. Got a 77 280z, looking to install a set of aftermarket seats with a pass thru cut into the seat for shoulder harness. Currently on stock seats with stock mounts, but do have a set of Planted Tech seat mounts for the Z I could use with new seats.

Problem I've had is one set of "no name" aftermarket seats I got was too wide (23") and sat too tall on the Planted Tech seat mounts.

From a previous post I found "The 240z stock seats are 21" wide from center counsel to door. 29" tall from seat to top of headrest. And the door is 11" from the center line of the headrest." Same for the 280Z?

So I'm starting over from scratch on my seat search. Any help would be appreciated to find a set of seats that fit the width with the seat back not pressured against the roof.


I find the thread in here on 78 280z seat swaps (Miata seat into a Z, etc) but not really what I need. Looking for aftermarket seat info.






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