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Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

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Hey is it too late to jump on this buy? Any chance of getting a late add on? I am a repeat customer! :)


Hey Mate !


Yep...I remember you .....Thanks for coming back !!!


No...its definitely NOT too late -  please read the full Speil on page 6 (towards the bottom), for all the ins and outs....and please be aware that production cant start until  around the 13th March. This is due to a backlog of work at the machinists.


Thanks again mate...I will add you to the list when your deposit comes through !





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Sorry, just catching up. I ended up going with the entire Silvermine kit, so I'm out this time around.


No Problem !....glad youre all sorted.


Doesnt look like there will be a next time anyways.


Cheers mate !

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Yes... a bit concerning that i cant get the 10.... even 9 would be ok.


Dont worry though... you will still all get your kits if the order status remains at 7... i will negotiate with the machinists hopefully.


Based of the stalling of orders...looks like i wont be doing another run...so you guys will be the only batch. Anyone who is on the fence.... nows your chance!





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Both the Machinists and the cable makers have been been given the go ahead to start the jobs. I Estimate that it could be around 10 working days to be completed. Then i can paint your brackets, and post the kit out to you.


The next step - after i receive the Brackets back from the machinists, You will receive an email from me, with your postage options. As previously stated, Weight will be the governing factor, and unfortunately, i cant do anything about the quoted costs, but rest assured, i will not be charging you any extra for postage.


Thanks all....for your patience !




PS. This basically means that orders are closed, and its very doubtful this will be repeated. There may be a few days grace in which i can add extra numbers....so, if you are interested.....NOW IS THE TIME...DO NOT DELAY !

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