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280zx No Electrical power to anything

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Hi guys, I just got a 280zx and put a battery in it and turned the key and nothing happened. So I figured the battery was dead, I put a new battery in, same thing, so I put the new battery on a charger, same thing. 

There is no power to anything, no headlights, no dash lights, no hazard lights, no horn, nothing. So I checked all the fuses and they look good, checked the wiring from the battery and it looks good, but I found some wires right next to the battery that are cut. I'm not sure where they are supposed to go, or even if this is the problem? But it seems like the power from the battery isn't getting to the car. Anyone able to help? Thanks



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There is your problem haha. But yes, those wires are what connect to the battery to give everything power. The cable on the + battery post just gives the starter power, which obviously wont turn since you cant give it signal from the ignition switch since you have no power in the car. If you read through the FSM you will be able to tell which wires came from where, and what kind of fuses you need to put between those wires and the battery. The white wires are all power to the body harness i believe. And I think the little green and brown wires are power to ECU. 


Where did you get this car? I dont understand why someone would have cut out that part of the wiring harness, unlesss it was a parts car of from the JY? Anyways this isnt a tuff fix. 

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