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love the rear treatment, I do understand that some like to keep things original but where's the fun in that? and there are plenty of standard Zed's out there for them, and the moulded flairs and front guard scollops etc add to overall effect to give a modern influence to this beautiful car well done,  this is gong to be one hell of a nice looking "Z" cant wait to see it finished.


Cheers Evil

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redlinevo7    1

Thanks guys. NIce to get feedback and know your hard work is not unnoticed. Regarding the back I always knew it would be a love / hate sort of thing for some people and I don't really have a problem with the original rear either but the purpose of this car was always to be a bit different without straying too far from the classic feel of the car. It's by no means a purists type of car but I did limit myself to staying pretty much all datsun/nissan family, with the only exception being the fender indicators that are from a BMW. I also wanted to keep it straight 6 but again upgrade. Otherwise its more of a modern interpretation with a personal twist and a desire to be unique without going overboard. I think when the car comes together in totality the rear will suit it even more but I like it and I guess that's the main thing.


I live on an island and to be honest this will be currently the only one here in drivable condition so I have nothing to compare it to. Ironically I have never had the care in it's complete stage, never even driven in an S30 before believe it or not.  Our imports are restricted and our duties on cars and parts are crazy (read $44,000 USD for a new corolla).  How much would you guess something like this would go for up in 'Merica, not that I plan to sell it any time soon, just see so many varying prices up there. There was a green one on Ebay that was very nice with a SR20 a couple years back that I think went for just over 60g US. Jared was the guy's name. That was tastefully modded and restored but also not a true restoration, but alot more restrained in the modifications department than I am. I believe I remember a comment where he said he gave it away at that price, and after 5 years of working and investing in one, I can see where he is coming from. 

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EF Ian    10

I know Jareds build, it was very very nice, it must have cost a LOT more than $60k to build like that. I'm loving this build just as much as that one though.





I don't suppose you would be kind enough to give me the correct length the propshaft needs to be for this swap please? I am also using McKinney mounts. It would be a huge help as I could get my propshaft made before I come home to start the swap, otherwise I will have to fit the engine, measure the correct length and then be delayed while I get my prop sorted.




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