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Buying an l28et engine. Yes or no?

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Basic background.

     I have a 1983 280zx N/A. I met a fellow Z enthusiast a few days ago, who has a turbo engine sitting behind his shop. He ripped it out and did an ls1 swap, which blew my mind at how clean the install was. Anyways, It has almost 150k miles on it and is 85% complete. Wiring harness is missing key parts due to being donors, injectors are gone, and the turbo itself wont spin by hand. The engine does crank by hand however. It is a p90a head, sadly not a p90 but for my power goals hydraulic will be fine in my opinion. Upon looking at the engine, it has sat on a pallet behind his shop for almost 2 years. Out in the elements. Due to not having injectors it, obviously water has gotten into the engine, and through other various places im sure. The plugs are still in it lol. The exterior of the engine does have surface rust on various places, pretty much anywhere rain was able to pool. I am wanting to purchase a turbo engine with plans to do a 100% overhaul. I can have this baby for under $400. My questions are, with water being in the cylinders, is the rust that im sure is there going to cause any problems with a rebuild? Ive never rebuilt anything thats sat in the elements this long. Do I have any other things to worry about? Do you guys think this is a good buy or should I continue my search. For the price im really not wanting to pass it up, if the minor headaches are worth the money saved, since im doing a complete overhaul anyways. Thanks in advance for any responses.



     - Also the rust on the exterior of the engine, im assuming sand blasting the outside is the best option? Thoughts? Opinions?

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Did u get it? For me it would depend on how many are in your area. I'm looking for a r154 swap, and there are exactly 2 on Craigslist and none in he junkyards. 700-800 wouldn't be bad for that tranny, people other places probably pick them up for 100 bucks. So really it depends on your local market

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