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Carbon Fiber Weber/Mikuni Velocity Stacks

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Hey all


I've been working on a project for a while now and I'm ready to start offering it to the public. I built the first set of carbon fiber DCOE 45 stacks for EvilC's car, seen in the photos below and at Zcon 2013, and I have a set of 40's going onto another friend's car shortly. These have been installed, flame tested (Because EvilC insisted on setting one on fire before tracking his car with them), and run on the track on a built stroker motor. I now have my mold making and part production down to a science, so it is time to ramp up production. The molds are currently a 5 piece design to allow for easy part removal and all parts are made from two layers of 3k .43oz/ft carbon fiber sleeve. I can do fiberglass or kevlar/kevlar blends if desired.


Currently I have the capability to build either the bolt in or slip in style velocity stacks. The  45 DCOE stacks are exact copies of the standard, and the 40's are of my own design in terms of length and taper, but I can easily build molds in custom geometries. I can do various tapers, lengths, bell diameters, build ovalized openings or curved stacks reasonably easily. Obviously a custom set will require somewhat more work and therefore will be a bit more expensive, but once the molds are built, subsequent sets will be the standard price. If you have a set of existing stacks that you would like replicated, I can either take measurements from your part or have you do it if you have access to calipers.


I can provide CAD files for all stacks as necessary.


The price for a standard set (that I have molds for already) is $300 plus shipping for a set of 6

A custom set including design work and mold making is $500 plus shipping for a set of 6


Since I suspect I'll be building most of these to order, I won't be taking any money or deposits until the parts are in a box, ready to ship.


Feel free to PM me or send me an email at [email protected] if you are interested in a set.

















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Bringing this back, I purchased Clive's set awhile back.  Had taken my Z to have some work done and the mech didn't properly tighten the stacks and lost two.  I purchased stainless replacements and am selling the remaining four.  Have five filters [so you get an extra].  They are 4" long and for the 45mm Webers.  Asking $75 shipped for 4 stacks & 5 filters.  Email me if interested; [email protected]

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