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My $650 budget s130 build

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Haha, thanks, that's the point of this build. Spend NO money, while using up the sheetmetal scraps, and spare parts I have laying around the garage collecting dust.


The only downside to this build is that if people see this project BEFORE they see my 240z project. I don't want people to think this is how I SERIOUSLY work on a project car, haha.



I'm about to head back out and work some more. Updates will surely follow.

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Didn't get to work out in the garage very long tonight. Put an hour in or so.


Laying in the chopped strand mat, confirming size.





And some polyester resin later...Somewhere mid laminating. Tons of air. Again, we're talkin' quality here :P




Tomorrow I paint the floor and continue with the last few remaining spots left to patch up.


I feel the hard stuff is now behind me.




Days worked on project to date: 23


Total money spend on project to date: $800

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May I ask, why the fiberglass? I thought fiber was a cheap way to make the floors hold shape when they are rusted through, and you put in so much effort repairing them.



A couple reasons.


First being, I had the resin, and polyester resin is ALWAYS in a state of curing, so I needed to use it.


Second being an attempt to seal out the moisture from the top down. Seam sealer on the underside will do the same for the reciprocal.


Plus I figured it couldn't hurt.


It's defintiely not for strength. That's in the repair. This is mainly to keep the water from my shoes off the metal below.



So far today..


Got home from work. Went out, prepped, and painted the floor. Bottom is sealed.








Grabbing a bite to eat, then heading back out.


It's the weekend. It's car time!

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Tonight I worked on the driver's carpet a little bit.

I fixed most of the holes, obviously the color doesn't match, but it's at least nice so you can see what areas needed to be repaired. I'll decide whether or not I paint the carpet afterwards.

The process:

-Back patch the areas with fabric tape (Gorilla tape, and even duct tape work well enough)
-Using a razor blade, shave matching colored carpet from a healthy area of the car.
-Dab of super glue into the repair area. Shortly followed with application of the razor blade carpet shavings. Applied by tapping.

It's fun.

Here are the pictures.  









As you can see, if the carpet you're patching isn't all stained and junk, you can make some pretty gnarly tears virtually disappear.

We'll see if I can get it to clean up. Either way. No holes trumps holes any day of the week. Progress!

Days worked on project to date: 24

Total money spent on project to date: $800

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Thanks! Good luck with your floors. I'm REALLY glad mine are behind me now.



Patch-Fest 2014 has officially come to an end!


The car is as closed up, and strong, as I care to make it.

Here's what I got done today:

-Finished welding, painted, and seam sealed the driver's wheel well.

-Some more random body work

-Driver's interior mocked back in place (mainly so I could just sit in it, play with my new floors a bit, haha)

-Fender placed back on the car. Some teaser shots for myself. And the car now. Same angle as always.









Tomorrow, after some errands, I will begin cutting the exhaust, and once again start working the body....... FINALLY!

Days worked on project to date: 25

Total money spent on project to date: $800

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Okay so here's the layout.

Downpipe ---> 2.5"-3" adapter ---> 3" pipe --> Dynomax straight through muffler

The geometry of the bends is actually pretty complex. So that's where I started. The pipe not only bends, but also twists as it has to be routed over top of the rear end, and subsequent cross members. Hopefully the pictures do better explaining.

I will also have to make this a 2 or a 3 piece exhaust due to those bends. So I'll have to either make, or source out some 3"-3" ID couplers.

I'll say this though......It's really nice doing some clean fabrication work. Such a relaxing change from rusty garbage repair. I'm having a ton of fun building this.

Here's what I've accomplished so far.







First section.


Coupler will go here.


All bendy twisty over rear end suspension stuff.


I'm all fueled up with some potato leek soup.

It's time for round two. More tonight...

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I have pretty much finished the first half of the exhaust. Tomorrow I start the second half.

Luckily I am able to make the exhaust a 2 piece, instead of my original 3 piece thinking. So instead of a coupler, where I mentioned before, I was able to butt them together instead. Much easier to manage now.

I'm happy with the fitment at this point. The welds are a little scraggly, but they aren't bad. Overall, pretty satisfied. A fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, I certainly enjoyed myself.

Hopefully the pictures show that.









Finally you can start to see how I am routing the piping in the car. And the required bends needed to do so.

Welcome to the underside of the car. My Hell.




I have a couple bends left. Then it's exhaust hanger time. I'll hopefully be 90% done by the end of the day tomorrow.

After work, of course. Until then...

Days worked on project to date: 26

Total money spent on project to date: $800

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I spent more money on the car today..Fifteen all mighty dollars.

Bought a 2.5" exhaust clamp, for where the adapter meets the existing downpipe midpipe, and one 3"-3" ID coupler to accommodate removal.

Here are the assorted pictures of the rear section fabrication, fitment, and random geometry angles.





And oh yeah. How could I forget ;)

Enjoy the sounds of my 145 dollar 3" exhaust system. Taken during warm up. Car is around 1500 rpms at the start of the video for reference.

(Don't mind the slight stumbles etc, the car hasn't been started in 4 months, and it's 20 degrees outside. It needs to be driven.)

Go back to page one for the link to the exhaust note when I first bought the car. Compare and decide if this is an improvement.

Well, despite working until 1am, tonight was a GOOD night. I go to bed smelling of exhaust fumes.

I welcome the aroma.

Total days worked on project to date: 27

Total money spent on project to date: $815 +15 Edited by OldAndyAndTheSea

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Thanks! I'm loving this build more and more each day. Especially now since I'm done cutting out rust. Haha,


I couldn't be more excited.




I didn't work tonight, but I did sit in the car; just playing around shifting through gears making racecar sounds. Same thing I used to do when I was 8 in my first rotted out z.

That said, I am buying paint tomorrow. I'll call my paint guy up in the morning and see if he can mix me up 2 quarts of L225 basecoat.

Then, the final bodywork stage starts tomorrow evening. Making it straight-ish should take a couple decent days of work. Despite being rusty, luckily the metal was pretty straight, so at least I have that going for me. :)

How I am going to paint the car.

-Fenders, hood, doors and hatch will be sprayed off the car, most likely 2 pieces at a time a day, at work, after hours.

-I'll then spray the jams, and unibody in my garage.

-This process will most likely take the better part of a week. Once desired body work is achieved. Add in the variable of temperature in my garage for the unibody spray, and it may prove to be a challenge.

Tomorrow I start to make it straight and make it smooth. And with any luck I'll have some paint to swirl around and take pictures of.

Stay tuned.

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Boy is it frigid out there tonight. It'll be sub-zero before the night is through...

Tomorrow though, the temperature is supposed to hit the low to mid 40's. And I have the day off.

I'll be picking up my paint. Jupiter Gray made the paint computer freak out, so we tried Anthracite (L469) instead, and it worked.  

Then upon my return, I will be body workin' all remaining day into the evening.

Tonight, I did a little prep, so it's just a couple less things I have to do tomorrow.


Like welding the side molding trim holes, and the fender emblem holes.



And I began going through my accumulated paint from various jobs over the years.


I've discovered that I have a little over 2 quarts of clear, and the appropriate hardener. Which I am ecstatic about, because this means the cost of painting the whole car will be the cost of those two quarts of paint I buy tomorrow (Around 65 dollars) haha.

-Cheapest paint job I've ever done.

Gotta love multiple quarter-half full clearcoat cans!

Days worked on project to date: 28
Total money spend on project to date: $815

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Thanks, I'm pleased, it's really nice for what it is.


And yeah, the downpipe, and midpipe are the OEM versions.


I didn't want to take the engine apart, so I chopped the old midpipe at a straight section, and I tossed an extra 2.5"-3" ID adapter to run the 3"


Luckily, at least from what I can tell, there were no, to minimal, exhaust leaks upstream of the new piping. If that changes, I have an extra manifold gasket.


Here's one of the pictures when I was first working on the car, pre patch fest.


I cut it right where you see the break in the pipe.







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Just returned from town, I picked up my 2 quarts of Anthracite basecoat. ($74 after tax)

It's pretty much impossible to get a good picture of the color currently. But I intend to hopefully spray at least one panel tomorrow after work. So results, hopefully soon.

Today I get the prep done. About to head out there now.




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More random body work today...Some dents, some wet sanding, some filling, the works. Even a little stud welder action.

Working my way around the car, assessing and fixing appropriate areas.

My goal is to bring at least one panel into work tomorrow to spray once the day is over.










Waiting for filler to cure, then I'll head out and continue the process.

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Body work continued this evening a little bit. Nothing major. I spent only a couple minutes out there.

Proceeded to begin stripping the body one last time.

Once again, tail lights out.


and a little primer.


It's the weekend. That means a couple solid days of work. Hopefully I make leaps and bounds.

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Mid day update: More body work. I know some of the pictures pretty much look the same, but I assure you, lots of little stuff is happening. The rear (the worst offender) is getting much straighter. Still needs a little bit, but it's close.







Also, we just purchased a Moth (foiling sailboat) today!!!!




I'm so excited I can barely sit still!



Drinking a celebratory Corona, and heading back out to sand some more.

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I'm glad I'm not the only who covered up my taillight openings like this, ha



Cardboard is a hot commodity around these parts. Cheap too.


Second half of the day update:


Made some progress. Blocked, filled, reprimed. Rinse and repeat tomorrow.


Welded the side molding holes on the passenger's door


It's looking better each and every step.

























Time to relax a bit, and think about the new boat. :heart:



Days worked on project to date: 30


Total money spent on project to date: $889

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Here's the mid day update.

I pretty much spent most of the time stripping anything off the car that could get unwanted overspray on it.

Things like

-side marker lights
-door panels
-interior panels (mostly) and carpet (mostly)
-driver's quarter window - broke (whoops!)

Yep. Broke the window. I was under a false impression that the window sealant was brittle, and the sound of what I thought was rubber releasing from the metal, as I worked around the glass with a hook, was instead glass telling me it was about to...... BAM! Haha! This is why I'm glad I have that second car.

All because I was too lazy to use my wire. Passenger's will come out with a piano wire.




Some guide coat. For those that don't know what guide coat is, I'll take a second to explain it. It's a super useful technique which can tell you exactly what is wrong with a panel.

1.) Using flat spray paint (in a contrasting color to the primer/panel you're sanding)

2.) LIGHTLY spray the panel, so it looks like someone sprinkled pepper all over the panel. Not too much, as this will cause needless sanding, and will inevitably gum up the sandpaper faster.

3.) Using a block, sand the work area. Wherever there is still black (or whatever color) spraypaint, you have a low spot, or some problem in that area.

So that's what I did before I came in to eat. Guide coat applied, ready to sand upon my return to the garage after I grill up some steaks.




Edited by OldAndyAndTheSea

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Had better luck pulling the passenger's quarter window. Used an old low E guitar string since I couldn't find my normal go to wire.

And some more blocking. You can start to see a real difference now.









The passenger front fender will most likely be ready to spray tomorrow at work sometime.

So hopefully I'll have an indication of what the car will look like by that this time tomorrow.

Days worked on project to date: 31

Total money spent on project to date: $889

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First piece is officially sprayed.

First impressions: I like the color, I think the car is going to look MEAN when it's all said and done.

I turned the pressure up slightly, and I purposefully sprayed a little closer to the panel to put a little orange peel on the surface so the small imperfections of the panel are unnoticed.

Plus it gives me a little material to sand/buff with should I become anal enough to change the surface finish.

It's not Pebble Beach quality, but it's certainly fitting of a 650 dollar car.

Take a look and let me know what you think. I'm pretty happy.





The real test will be seeing it outside, but that won't happen until I go in tomorrow and see it.

Now that I've confirmed I'm happy with the color, I will continue to prep more panels tonight. Hopefully something will be ready to spray tomorrow.

We'll see. I'll update with more progress this evening, as it happens.

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