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My $650 budget s130 build

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Thanks! I love the color.  Yeah in some lights it looks very olive/military green. The hue changes so much depending on the light, sort of like the silver of my 240, I think it's pretty.


And yeah, I'm not going for the vanity mirror finish that I have on the nice car. For a daily, I want every day dings/dents/scratches to not be overwhelming to the eye, when they inevitably happen.


Shiny and solid color is about all I care about. Haha. At least for this build.



I'm right on track to having the car ready, as soon as the roads are available.

I wish I could just paint it all at once. Spraying 5-10 different times opens up a lot of doors for problems to occur. But hey, beggars can't be choosers I guess.

Hatch progress today. And some outside pics of the fender. Plus a little mockage.







And some outside pictures of the color. Pretty overcast today.

I think she's purdy!



On the car, teasing myself. Bad lighting.




Gotta prep another panel tonight to spray tomorrow. Possibly passenger door. Not sure, we'll see what happens when I get out there.

More to come...


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I got out to work most of the day today. Got the majority of the passenger side body work done. I intend on spraying the unibody sometime this week. I'll continue spraying these panels starting tomorrow.









I'm hoping to drive the car by the weekend.

Days spent on project to date: 34

Total money spent on project to date: $889

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I was supposed to spray these last night, however I brought the wrong black paint to do so....

That said, I got around to spraying the black pieces today.

4 of these pieces need to be a black/anthracite two tone, that's why there is good coverage on only half of some of them.

Tomorrow I go back in, scuff the area to be gray, tape off the black, and spray.

HORRIBLE picture quality, apologies. I am excited to see the contrast against the color.




I'm going to try to finish prepping some panel tonight.

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Hood painted. Ran it...TWICE. Haha! Luckily, I don't care. :cool:

Driver's fender painted.

Two tone bumper trim pieces painted.






It would appear that I don't have to go to work tomorrow. That said, I'll most likely still go in, to spray the door, and possibly the rear bumper.

It's coming together!

Pretty soon I'll be able to pull the painted unibody out of the garage, and assemble the pieces. It's just like a big model..... A rusty. Piece of isht. Potentially dangerous model. I mean what could go wrong? hah!

Then, it's only the driver's door, and finishing up the unibody (rockers mostly).

Bumpers are just a scuff and shoot. Easy peasy.

More this evening.

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You are really packing the work in quickly, wow!  Love the colour choice, can't wait to see how it all comes together, great work!



Thanks, I'm definitely starting to feel it. This passed week, especially, has been a long one. I'm certainly ready to enjoy the fruits of my labor.


hopefully this weekend. But thanks for the kind words, I'm pretty excited to see it all come together.






Went in today. Untaped the two tone pieces. They turned out surprisingly nice considering the abysmal prep work that went into them.






Sprayed the driver's door. I'll pick it up tomorrow.









And I loaded up the hood, and driver's fender, and they are now safely at home awaiting placement on the car.



Today/tonight's goal is to spray the front and rear bumper with the black first (again two tone)


Then tomorrow, I finish the prep of the body. and spray that. Along with the gray on the bumpers.


Then I assemble the thing. So it's looking like maybe as early as Saturday/Sunday potentially for a drive.


That would be nice.


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as promised. Me likey.




Some contrast.


I didn't spray the black on the bumpers tonight... Mainly due to lighting/space constraints. I'll instead do this tomorrow morning, first thing.

I have errands to run in the day, so that will allow the paint to set up long enough for me to continue once I return tomorrow evening.

So close.

Days spent on project to date: 36

Total money spent on project to date: $889

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Entering the final stretch!

Sprayed the black for the two tone on the bumpers this morning.



Just got back from picking up the door.

I'm currently waiting for the black to set up a bit more, then I'm going back out there to finish the prep on the unibody.

My goal is to spray the rest tomorrow morning....Or even sooner if I can manage.

More throughout the day....

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Well tonight, not the greatest of news, but not horrible either... I got to spray....But....A couple minutes after beginning to spray, the sun vanished (a lot sooner than I thought, whoops) and it cooled off quickly.

This is what happens when you spray paint on a cold panel..... And then try to see if more paint will help the situation; Fun fact, it doesn't. Something I KNOW, however I almost always habitually try to "save it".


I continued to spray the rest of the car with basecoat only. Luckily from initial inspection no defects elsewhere. However, lighting was poor at this point and I decided to wait and sand out the recoat lift/crackly cold paint defects in the morning, and spray once more when the temperature is up again.






Looks like decent coverage overall, for the most part. I wont know for sure until I see it in the light in the morning.

Some spots obviously need more, but I will wait til I touch up tomorrow.

Hopefully, I'll have more luck then.

Anything worth doing never comes easy.

Days worked on vehicle to date: 37

Total money spent on project to date: $889

Edited by OldAndyAndTheSea

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Today is still ongoing. Obviously, I'm very excited, and I plan on tinkering into the night until I get too tired to continue. Here are some half assed pictures taken for the update.

Tomorrow I will go for that drive.

Note the first picture is super compressed, and the tape line doesn't look like Legos in real life.




Days worked on project to date: 38

Total money spent on project to date: $889

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^^ thanks so much!



Well I didn't get to drive to the store as I had hoped, to pick up some milk, but I did manage to take it down the road. Definitely needs bushings. I'll be buying those soon. Other than that, it's going to be perfect as a daily. It's weird once again driving a Z, and with power steering no less.

It's still not done, but you can finally start to see it taking shape. Lots of stuff to go on the car yet. Most stuff is only held together by a couple bolts.

Here's my $889 car. So far...

(lighting was not optimal for photography, apologies, I'll get better photos in the better light tomorrow.)





I'm going to leisurely bolt together some parts tonight. After work tomorrow, I will start driving the car, and working out any hiccups from non use.

Days worked on project to date: 39

Total money spent on project to date: $889

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Doesn't look like much, but lots of little things are getting tidied up, like...

-Fenders bolted in place.  Hood still needs adjustment
-Most of interior reinstalled



Still need to adjust the hood, and the doors to make them close properly... And lots of little details, like installing the door gaskets (the nice ones are on the doors outside, and it's dark and rainy). As well as general cleaning of the interior etc....

But if the weather cooperates tomorrow (once again potentially calling for snow...) I will take the car out for another cruise around the Harbor.

I sure hope so.

Days worked on project to date: 40

Total money spent on project to date: $889

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Well tonight.....I swapped out combination switches, as I had the typical "my dash lights, and running lights stopped working" symptoms.


I have all lights once again. There was some corrosion on the switch, as I expected. Luckily the parts car had a REALLY nice one.



I finally went for another drive. Clutch is pretty spongy, and the TPS is sticking a little. So throttle response/shifting leaves a little something to be desired. It took a while for the revs to drop. Could also be a combination of lots of other things. I'll investigate at my leisure.

Here are the pics from after I returned. I know, I know. I still have to install the bumper side trim. That's about all that's left, body wise.

I'll see if Youtube will like my unedited 10 minute GoPro video from a cold start driving through part of the harbor, lapping back to the garage.

Doesn't sound too bad for being untuned, though. I certainly like it.






All in all, a good day. I'm really thinking about taking it into work tomorrow. We'll see how ballsy I'm feeling in the morning.

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Very nice! I actually quite like the Mack truck sound our cars seem to produce, especially with that turbo wine.


Thanks, you and me both. Lots of people have asked me already.


"Is it supposed to sound like that?"






Up to 35 miles so far. No problems.


Found and fixed a couple small vacuum leaks. Driveabliity improved dramatically.


Going to take it for it's first jaunt into town for some top soil. LOVE it.






Trim pieces, fuel filter, some replacement hose, and bushings are next on the list.


Hopefully I don't break down in the meantime.

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