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700R4 build that will survive 500ft/lbs

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Ok guys so this is my first post as a new Z owner:

My problem: I have a Motor setup from my donor Camaro that is to be placed into the Z. It's a 383 Stroker laying down approx. 480HP at the crank, and about 500 ft lbs...this was previously mated to a TH350 that was built, and it handled it just fine (even with up to a 250 shot of N2O) 

Now with the Z, I'm looking to go 700R4, as im making the car somewhat of a daily driver, but am not great with these transmissions and would like some input on what kind of work will be necessary to make this transmission survive my motor! (And maybe a small shot of nitrous on occasion)

I've already acquired my transmission, its a 1990 770r4 out of a 305 Camaro. And my next step is going to be buying the parts, I've come across this kit which seems to have everything:

"Super Master Rebuild KitThis kit is for 1987 to 1993 700R4 transmissions only. Here's what you get, the Fairbanks oversize billet intermediate servo and the Fairbanks oversize billet overdrive servo. The Sonnax oversize .500in. pressure valve and oversize low / reverse pressure valve. A 10 vane pump rotor and vane kit. Also included is a pump seal retainer and pump bushing, Borg Warner 29 element forward sprag, new low / reverse roller clutch, Alto carbon fiber Power Band. This kit comes with a torque converter lock-up kit, complete thrust washer kit and an Alto master rebuild kit. The master kit comes with all TransTec gaskets, seals and rings. You get a filter, Beast shell, 2 new accumulator pistons, Transgo separator plate. As an added bonus you get a discount plus freight in the 48 continental United States. After many years of research and development these parts where determined to work together best for a long lasting transmission."

Now, my questions is will this kit (in addition to a shift kit) give me everything necessary to achieve my goal? If not, what else should I look into? Experiences please! Thanks!

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rayaapp2    3

That kit doesn't appear to include the upgraded clutch packs... at least from what I can see... it looks like it may come with the upgraded drum though. Im not real good with trans parts names sometimes though. Unless the Alto Rebuild kit comes with the clutch packs? Got a pic? I can sort through a pic of the included parts much easier. All your missing is a really good cooler unit(if you dont already have one for the TH350) and a good torque converter.

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