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NEW Raw Brokerage BILLET Twin Scroll Top Mount Turbo Manifolds for the RB20 RB25 and RB26

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Hey guys and gals, wanted to update you on some new Raw Brokerage goodies:
Our new billet merge collector manifolds are everything our traditional manifolds are plus more.  Made out of one piece 304 stainless steel billet leaves no room for error with runner transition into the turbo. These manifolds allow you to continue to retain both power steering and A/C and clear up to 4" downpipes on both LHD and RHD chassis.  Good for those with 240sx RB swaps and upgraded Skyline chassis'.  
For more details:

We'll have a S30Z specific model made if there is enough interest.  Let me know.
Thanks for your continued Raw Brokerage support.  Together we can continue to create and provide bigger and badder RB20 RB25 RB26 and RB30 parts for the community of enthusiasts!

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We already do a non wastegate version for twin scroll EFR turbos for the SX and R chassis.  Same goes in the Billet Series.  We would make that option as well for the S30 version:



I'd be interested in a manifold that positions the turbo as pictured but all the way at the front of the engine. rb26 + huge Turbo +_ s30 chassis = hole in hood. I'd like to see one made that sits the turbo a little lower also. 

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