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Drift Knuckles/Brand new billet steel steering knuckles

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Alright guys, I'm looking to gauge some interest here. Pictured are our billet steel steering knuckles ("drift" knuckles) we offer for the Z31. These are brand new machined from steel. I'm looking into the possibility of making some for the S130, but need to ensure theres enough interest in them. On the Z31, they provide ~51 degrees of steering angle with no other modifications as well as greatly increasing steering quickness - making them great for autocross applications aswell. If theres enough interest, we will design and produce brand new shortened steering knuckles for the S130 chassis which will offer the same benefits - more steering angle, and quicker steering.

The process is essentially taking the OE design, modeling it then modifying it to reduce ackerman angle and shorten the length which in turn produces more steering angle. They would be 100% brand new from fresh material.

I'd need 20 people to get the ball rolling. Initial group buy cost will likely be $240 per set, then go up slightly after the group buy. After the group buy, they will be made-to-order...however if there arent enough people initially its unlikely we will produce them.

With enough interest, we will begin the process. There would be a minimum of a $50 deposit to get your name on the group-buy list and an agreement to pay the rest upon completion prior to them shipping. The group buy is *NOT* limited to 20 people, however that is likely the minimum required to make this happen.







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Looks like a great product for those who are interested, but you'll need to have it produced and ready to sell before you can GB it here.



There will be a set done and tested prior to collection of any money. Machining of sets for those interested will then begin. This is common business practice for many small businesses that produce parts for less-common cars. This, by definition, means the product exists - but would be "back ordered" in a sense.

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Good on you for having a go but I doubt that you will get the 'insurance' orders you are asking for. Don't know what your domestic market is but guessing it would be pretty small, overseas I know just one person who might/should pony up. If you actually go ahead without the 'insurance' let us know.

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