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From N/A S130 to Turbo Drift Missile

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Got the engine pulled.



While disassembling it, I broke a couple of bolts and they were essential just rods of rust bonded to the cover so...



...I had to pry it off.


Guts all over the floor.


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Fixed! Sorry about that. On to more pictures with still no background information. I spend so much time working on the car (in addition to my day job) that I just haven't done an intro yet...


The day started with cleaning the block and internals.




I managed to recruit the help of some neighbors.




Thanks, neighbors.




Before painting.




After painting. I decided on a nice neon-vomit green.




The pizza cart was put to good use.




The cylinders were honed.




The oil pan was cleaned, tapped for oil return, and painted.




I began work on the ECU until the rod/main bearings come in for the engine.




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I got a little bit of engine work done today.




I had to take a field trip to a buddy's house to borrow a torque wrench since I loaned my out 15 minutes before I needed to use it. He was in the process of rebuilding an RX-8.




I ran into some fitment issues with the timing cover and the new timing chain guides so I will have to hash that out tomorrow.



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Got some more bits installed on the engine and after adjusting the valve lash, I thought it was time for a hefeweizen.




I'm about sick of having to do this. This engine likes to eat bolts and force me to drill and tap new threads.




It's coming along.



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It's not going to clean itself.




I had to port the manifold to better suit the new 60mm throttle body.




I'm no professional but at least it has a better chance at life now.




Finished building the board for the ECU. Just got to make a few tweaks.



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I finally got the intake manifold all buttoned up and was getting ready to finish the engine when I realized I don't have gaskets for the exhaust side of the turbo. Piss.... Well, I guess I'll knock out the differential and floor pans until they come in. Tomorrow I'll start on that and I'll do another video. I think I'll do weekly video updates with pictures in between.




As far as the rocker cover goes, I started sanding it to prep it for painting but then I decided it looks pretty cool like this. It has an interesting vintage look. I think I'll keep it this way.



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Today was not my day to work on Watson. I took apart the front of the engine to address the broken stud. I accidentally drilled the hole into the block too large and there is no room for me to expand the hole in the timing cover without risking cracking it, so I just had to put it back together.




I then broke one of the studs while installing the exhaust manifold. I at least had extras.




I was having issues getting the bolts to go in for the intake manifold so I just called it a night. I'll pick up again tomorrow.



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The day started with people just stopping by to chat and decided the engine bay needed cleaning. I didn't ask for it nor did I care, so on with the cleaning they went.





While they did that, I worked on removing more unneeded equipment. No more dashboard.




Lets do this.





So close, yet so far. The engine needs to move another half an inch and mesh up with the transmission to make this task complete, but I'm tired. Until tomorrow.



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The engine is in! I had a dream last night that the engine would just mesh up the next morning without a hitch and sure enough, it did. Weird.




Got a lot of bits installed. Good news: The lights are working and the fuel pump is working as well as the FPR which is reading at a solid 3 BAR.




I stared working on the panel for switches, fuses, and relays. Will tomorrow be the day it starts? I hope so; there's a drift event next weekend. A video update will happen tomorrow.



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Today was quite interesting. I fabricated an exhaust system with scrap pipe and started wiring the the harness. I then just hit a brick wall in regards to exhaustion and just decided to call it a day, have a beer and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Watson has a real rat rod look now! Or just a ghetto look...





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