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Almost there. 404 errors on the links that Google search brings up

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I assume that Google keeps some sort of index out there in web land that it uses for its search engine.  The links back to hybridz.org seem to be broken.


For example - https://www.google.com/#q=280z+site:hybridz.org+cylinder+head+modification


All links lead to 404 even though they do seem to exist in the sub-forums shown.


Just trying to help tie up the loose ends.  The threads can be found by going to the sub-forum on hybridz.org shown on the results page, by hand, then searching within the forum using the Hybridz search function.  But Hybridz is probably losing any newbies that try to click through from Google after searching general terms.



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Do you need donations to help offset any costs incured getting the site operational? Let us know.



I am getting 404 error when trying to enter Hybridz website.


The only way in is to use unblock:




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