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Selling my Brand New (just unwrapped to take the photos) Simple Digital System (SDS) EM4-6D stand-alone Engine Management System (EMS) Engine Control Unit (ECU) for ANY 6 cylinder. I am abandoning my other project and need to sell. Comes complete with SDS ECU, Mixture knob, SDS handheld Programmer, MAP, engine temp and Air temp sensors all brand new. I also purchased a Fast Idle solenoid to be used if you have air conditioning. 

Specs from SDS are: "The D system offers complete control of port type injectors on 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 cylinder engines plus 2 rotor Wankels and some marine 2 strokes. RPM ranges of 9750 or 15,000 are available. Fuel values are all fully programmable. Boost pressures of up to 30 psi can be accommodated. Installation of the D system is simple and quick, just 2 grounds, 2 powers and the tach wire hookup. All other sensor connections are straight plug-ins with the supplied wiring harness and pre-installed connectors." More info http://sdsefi.com/specific.html

I have over $1200 invested, I just want it gone for $950.











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Brian...you do realize I have (at last count) around 30 S30's and S130's right? Along with two Corvairs that these will fit on...

And I now have a Suzuki 660 Turbo Every Van which could stand to use double injectors staged for high boost operation at over 130HP?


I just need time to install it... What works, works!


I just need to 'zero out' all the moving debt here with the tax refund and I should be awesomely suited to start paying for project completions! Submitted 18 days ago... waiting waiting waiting...



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I really wish it was the F. I would have already purchased it if it was. You will get the money your looking for. Those SDS systems are fantastic on L series motors.


Funny you say that, I have 6F in my Z now that will be coming out and being replaced with a Haltech. I am keeping the coils and the hall sensor to be used in the Haltech but the rest will be for sale.. You can get the missing parts http://sdsefi.com/ofpartus.htm and still be cheaper than buying new at $1700..   PM me if interested before I list it here.



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If you don't mind me asking why are you changing the F out? I appreciate your email and heads up on your system... I'm buying a house and closing is end of April. Most of my spending money is wrapped up in money down and closing costs but I might be able to free something up. Did you like your F system? Did you run it on an l28 turbo or n/a?

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I wasn't able to get it tuned the way I wanted and support is not great in my area so I am changing direction. Check out my 240Z build thread in my signature on what I did and some videos. I originally purchased it from Austin "240Hoke" from his 400HP L28ET years ago.

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...only certain people can appreciate this technology :)


I've heard nothing but good things about SDS, but the comic sans font and the speak & spell programmer really make it hard to take it seriously (...much like naming something "megasquirt").


I'd be all over it if I had the cash.  GLWS!!

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Where? On their website?

You're a kid raised on high speed connections aren't you?


I wish more technical and sales web pages had the option for a stripped-down view without all the BS and "flaming rotating cubes" people clutter webpages with these days.


Give me something I can read on a Green Wyse Monochrome Monitor. I can read, if I want a picture, let me open it.


Load the page, let me read NOW. Not minutes later where you get a server failure or lost connection and the buffer dumps everything.


The SDS website is designed like that for a reason, and they tell you why.


I appreciate it, and it's why it's used worldwide.


As for programmers, never search "Megaview"!


People laughed at the MS in the beginning "oh, that's not a real controller".... Yeah, but it filled a need TOTALLY IGNORED, and now is feature-bloated as can be, just like every other system out there. Expensive, too!


Either has an application, laughing at either is both a mistake and bad form.

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"You know much that is hidden, o Tim."


That's quite the extrapolation you got from my little non sequitur.


I'm not laughing at either SDS or megasquirt, and quite respect both.  Just pointing out the use of the comic sans font on the product itself (not the website; which I find no fault with) is akin to a funeral parlor playing Yakety Sax.


Anyway, GLWS Joe!!



These letters here and on the SDS ECU, that's comic sans:


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