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Firewall and Chassis reinforcing

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Hi Folks,

I  am new to the forum. I have owned several Z cars over the years, and because I am either a hopelss romantic in love the classic good looks and styling of this car, or just a masocist beacuse as I said I have owned these cars before. KInd of like a bad girelfriend that is HOT, you can't live with her and miss her like all heck when she is gone! Anyway, I have herad guys mention that the firewall isa  weak point and needs to be strengthend. I can not find any refernce in any of the posts here, or on other sites, how to go about that. I am planning to buy a 74 260 (damn that evil CA DMV and their regs.) and do an engine swap with a VQ37. I may build it up a bit to put out bout 350HP.


Any help from those who know more than me (that would be just about everyone) would be greatly appreciated.

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