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Z Fever has kicked in hard, again

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Rewind back to high school in 2006 and just learning to drive I bought a clean rust free 1972 240Z, installed a few easy parts to make her roadworthy and drove her for a little, then my dad and I pulled the dash to replace bulbs, and we bed lined the dash to cover the cracks (looked pretty good actually) and while doing so we got bit by the while we’re at it bug and attempted a full interior restore. Then we forgot where everything went over time and the car sat. Went to college and built a 3.1L for it and once I was done decided I wanted to go a different route. I had many parts from cars I had parted out, triples, R200's L28et, L31, T5, and many other miscellaneous parts, still never getting my Z together, come 2011 I was involved in a pretty bad motorcycle accident that left me unemployed for almost a year. In that time the finances were low and I ended up selling the Z and all my parts. It went to a good home at least. A guy bought it to ship to England and make a Win Percy replica race car. 


any ways  in late 2012 my civil suit (from the motorcycle accident) finally came to a close and I was left with a pretty good amount of cash so instead of going back into the Z world I went into the V world, I bought a 2006 CTS-V and have been loving it! I’ve throw on longtubes, custom exhaust with high flow cats, UD pulley, Fast 102 intake with ported throttle body, Intake etc. Love the car! Fast, handles well, and fits 4 comfortably.


Lately I’ve been wanting an older project car and have been looking for camaros and novas but just realized what I really want is another Z! Don’t really have too much cash so I’m trying to trade my 1995 jeep grand Cherokee for one so if you know anyone indeed of an SUV let me know! I hope to be back in the Z game soon and I will be browsing the site catching up the few years of info! It’s great to be back!    

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Well after having sold my Z almost 6 years ago, and after searching for the past few years for another on and off, I FINALLY found a Z in decent enough condition to buy.


Bought a 76 280Z last week, Felt the price was right and its got minimal rust compared to a lot of the other Z's I've seen in the PNW, but it looks like the floors will have to be replaced, other than that everything else is minor surface rust. Tested the fuel pump which is getting power but not working so I have to start there, runs well on started fluid though! Master cylinder is seized, and clutch slave cylinder is dumping fluid. But other than that, it looks like I got a decent Z for what I paid and what they are going for now a days. Plan is to get it running and road worthy and just drive it when I can, tackle projects a weekend at a time, after the last Z I want to spend more time driving than wrenching   

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