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Parting Out- 83 280ZX Turbo

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I'm parting out an 83 ZX Turbo, if anyone wants some parts before it goes to the scrapper. No engine or transmission, though I have two turbo heads and exhaust manifolds. Interior is pretty rough. T-tops are good. Three sets of wheels (Iron Cross, American Racing, and mismatched). 

Rear hatch, rear end, and driver's fender are already spoken for.

If you want specific pictures, let me know. Car is located in Colorado Springs; will ship most items.




Taillights (2nd set): $75 shipped COMPLETE (bulbs, wires, mounts, just plug and play)

Turbo Intake Manifold x 2:  $75 ea+ shipping

T-tops: $100/set + shipping

Rear hatch glass: $25 Local Pickup Only- Colorado Springs

Rear Hatch Wiper Motor: $25 shipped


Pictures to follow tonight.






Headlight covers


Both Exhaust Manifolds

Both Heads

Mag Wheels






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When items are listed as plus shipping, it'll be exact shipping costs from 80907. I can give quotes in the evening as time allows. I accept Paypal and don't do that 'buyer add 3% nonsense'.


Requested pictures:


Hood emblem;  Can be packaged with additional emblems for a bulk deal. SOLD




Turbo Exhaust Manifolds:  SOLD








Mag Wheels, 14". Tires are shot, will be removed before shipping.  SOLD




Taillights SOLD



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Head light covers with the hardware and the tail lights(if they are crack free) and the emblem(hood,side fenders and the rear hatch emblems).

How much shipped to 85029




Taillights are SOLD (pictures added to thread), Emblems are SOLD, headlight covers SOLD


Is the ecu for a manual? Can you pm me a quote for injectors, AFM, ecu, Ignition coil and turbo oil lines please? Thank you.


The ECU is manual. SOLD. (First shot to frillhands, second to ZManS30)

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Money sent


Payment received for the ECU. For some reason the address didn't come through, send it in a PM please, and I'll get it sent out today.


Do you have the afm and injectors?


No, I do not have either of those. The engine bay is pretty bare.



Dibs on the P90, and hopefully an exhaust to keep it company.


Complete p90 sale pending, stripped p90 head still availableSOLD. I'll let you know about the exhaust manifolds.



Pm sent!


PM replied.

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