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Z Parts for Sale

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I've got a variety of parts left over and it's time for them to find new homes.  


Small stuff will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail and the price for these INCLUDES SHIPPING in the continental US.


Larger stuff will be shipped via UPS and price listed DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING.  I'm in Colorado (80108) if you want to estimate it.


My PayPal is [email protected]



SOLD EDIS Parts  $110 (includes shipping)

includes sensor from Ford Escort, controller from Ford Explorer and coil from Chrysler 300.  Bought these as spares when I did my conversion and all were tested good on the car.





240SX Throttle Body with Spacer, no TPS  $105 (includes shipping)

Spacer is drilled and tapped for a GM air intake temp sensor (e.g. for use with Megasquirt).  The plexiglass is cracked as you can see in the picture but whatever air may have leaked did not affect idle.


post-1744-0-94585900-1408320762_thumb.jpg   post-1744-0-82668700-1408320778_thumb.jpg



280ZX Turbo differential flange $55  (includes shipping)


post-1744-0-96472400-1408320799_thumb.jpg     post-1744-0-16995600-1408320818_thumb.jpg



Ceramic Brake Pads Toyota 4x4 Vented Front + 240SX Rear  $50 (includes shipping)

I didn't like the feel of these (they don't have the level of bite I'm used to with Hawk HP+) so took them off after 200 miles.  They are nearly brand new.  Includes front and rear sets.


post-1744-0-46079700-1408320841_thumb.jpg     post-1744-0-03122300-1408320856_thumb.jpg



Bumper Overrider Bar  $40 (shipping not included)

Came off my 73 240Z.  It's in good condition but is not show quality. 





Adjustable Front Camber Bushings $45 (includes shipping)

Fits 70-78.





Interior Plastic Rivets Burgundy  $12 (includes shipping)





Chevette Springs  $90 (shipping not included)

These are brand new.  They are 200 #/in.  In the end I decided to go with coil overs so these were never installed.  You will need to cut them down to fit - they are not bolt-in, but it's the most economical way to get stiffer springs.  Here are threads where this is discussed: 


post-1744-0-49227100-1408320997_thumb.jpg     post-1744-0-65549800-1408321012_thumb.jpg



Choke Cables  $40 (includes shipping)

These came off my 73 - I don't know which other years they might fit.





MSD Blaster 2 Coil  $35 (includes shipping)





240Z Distributor cap and spark plug wires  $20 (includes shipping)

These are used but still have a lot of life left in them.


post-1744-0-36920600-1408321074_thumb.jpg     post-1744-0-34043800-1408321092_thumb.jpg



2 Enkei Wheel Caps  $20 (includes shipping)


post-1744-0-32407300-1408321112_thumb.jpg     post-1744-0-11609500-1408321125_thumb.jpg     post-1744-0-42291900-1408321138_thumb.jpg



240Z Fan clutch  $30 (includes shipping)

I bought this new and took it off with less than 10k miles when I converted to eFans.


post-1744-0-51575400-1408321158_thumb.jpg     post-1744-0-60098000-1408321173_thumb.jpg



SOLD Ford 437 cc fuel injectors for Turbo conversion  $125 (includes shipping)

These can be used with the stock fuel rail and will flow enough fuel for more than 300 HP with the stock fuel pressure regulator.  I bought a second set when I thought I had a problem with a plugged injector, but it turned out to be a different issue, hence these are for sale.





Fuel tank sender  $20 (includes shipping)

This is from my 73 replaced due to a non-linear fuel gauge.  Turns out the problem is with the gauge, not the sender so this is for sale.





Fuel Pump  $20 (includes shipping)

This is a low pressure pump for use with carbs.  I thought I had a fuel deliver problem so replaced the pump, but it was something different, so this is for sale.





280ZX Ignition Module  $25 (includes shipping)





L24 9mm Connecting Rods for Stroker Conversion  $100 (shipping not included)





SOLD P90 Turbo Head Hydraulic Adjustors - see eBay auction

These came off a head with less than 100 miles.  I don't know what they are worth hence have put them up on eBay.




Schneider Cam  $100  (10 lbs, shipping not included)

This is a new unused cam Schneider cam part number 284F.  Lobe separation 110 deg.  You can learn more about their cams at www.schneidercams.com.


post-1744-0-05845000-1408321327_thumb.jpg     post-1744-0-14048000-1408321344_thumb.jpg



SOLD Stock Turbo Fuel Injectors  $80 (includes shipping)





SU Carb  $35 (includes shipping)

I don't know the history of this carb (there is only 1) so probably best to assume it should be rebuilt or used for parts.


post-1744-0-12616400-1408321392_thumb.jpg     post-1744-0-59979300-1408321408_thumb.jpg



SOLD SU Carb Tuning Flow Gauge  $15 (includes shipping)





Tokico Springs  $125  (shipping not included)

These came off my 73.  They have relaxed some over the years so the car rode lower than when they were first installed as you can see in the picture below.  They were not stiff enough for me for the track so I changed to coilovers.  


post-1744-0-21152800-1408321485_thumb.jpg     post-1744-0-97075200-1408321498_thumb.jpg     post-1744-0-10277800-1408321514_thumb.png



SOLD 280ZX Turbo Distributor + Shaft with Magnecor Spark Plug Wires  $140 (includes shipping)

This is a complete drop-in upgrade to go with a Megasquirt conversion to enable it control spark.  Includes shielded wire (gray in picture) for connecting to MS.  Magnecor wires have the best EMI suppression which is important with Megasquirt installations. 





SOLD 280ZX Turbo Distributor + Shaft  $80 (includes shipping)

This was pulled from a junk yard car so has not been tested.





SOLD Walbro GSL394 Fuel Pump  $50 (includes shipping)

I ran this with my turbo setup to ~300 HP.  I thought I had a fuel delivery issue so upgraded to a Walbro 255 but it turned out to be a megasquirt issue, so this is for sale.





SOLD Waste Gate Controller  $15 (includes shipping)

I used this to gain additional boost beyond the default value of the waste gate actuator.  I now use Megasquirt to manage it so this is for sale.


post-1744-0-47060900-1408321645_thumb.jpg     post-1744-0-59023200-1408321658_thumb.jpg



280Z Oil and Water gauge  $15 (includes shipping)


post-1744-0-74386900-1408321679_thumb.jpg     post-1744-0-36429100-1408321692_thumb.jpg

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