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1972 240z RB26DETT

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Sad day guys,


I've been putting this off for a little while but it has to go. I'm sure I could get more if I part it out but I'd rather take a hit and get it over with all at once. I guess if I get no action on it then I guess I'll go down that road.


As you can see it took a hit to the front right corner. I'm not much of a sheet metal guy so I figured it would be easier just to transplant my mods to a host that's already in better condition, however I don't have the funds or the time anymore. Perhaps someone else will want it for the engine swap, or to repair, or to part out, etc.


In case you can't tell by the pictures, it has the GTS 5 speed. Rota RB wheels. The rear tires have tons of life, the fronts are shot due to poor alignment. The front right bamf flare was damaged a bit. The car runs and drives (intercooler is damaged on the bottom but not compromised), I actually drove a 30 mile commute for about a month while I was looking for something else.


R200 3.700 CLSD with 300zxt CVs and the AZCar mustache bar. Techno Toy Tuning coilovers about a year ago. More recent poly kit all the way around. I bead blasted and painted the A-arms, struts etc. that I took off as I went. Front and rear sway bars. Lone Mountain disc brake conversion. 3" magnaflow exhaust if that does it for you.


Engine runs strong and powerful like you'd expect. The only only only thing is that the mafswent out and I bought z32 replacements on the cheap because I've read they work perfectly. Well they don't. Your options include buying original mafs (or some other newer style that is guaranteed to work right), or switch to an EMS that doesn't need them, which is what I was about to do before this happened. Like I said, it still runs and drives, but the problem with these mafs is they seem to starve the engine at high flow. Cruising up to 70mph they work fine, if you try to gun it, they don't let you.


It has a stage 2 ACT clutch and the original resurfaced flywheel, which wasn't doing it for me. Every once in a while it felt like the clutch slipped at WOT, guess 350ft-lbs wasn't enough. I have a brand new stage 3 setup ready to go in.


Autometer gauges in oem pods. Uncracked center console and heater controls panel (later backlit model) Fiberglass door panels.


The car has been collecting dust at work for two months but I've been running it periodically.


I'm debating on whether to throw in the sound system with it or not because I'm not sure how desired it is to others vs how much I like it and could transplant it to another car. Alpine deck with ipod integration and Imprint tuning. Two amps (one under each seat) although I never installed the sub because I didn't have time to make the custom box I wanted in the spare tire well - although I have the sub too, never used also collecting dust. Those pioneer 6x9s are my favorite, but one of them has a loose wire internally and goes in/out every time you go over a big bump.


Please ask questions, you'll get honest answers. Obviously I'm not going to ship the car somewhere, and I wouldn't recommend driving hundreds of miles with no hood or bumper, but I can trailer it a reasonable distance if that seals the deal. Also let me know if there is anything else you want a picture/closeup of. Best thing is probably just come see the car for yourself though.


I feel like $7000 is the sum of all parts not including what's usable in terms of trim and body pieces. Perhaps some of you will say this isn't much because doing an RB swap alone costs twice that, others will surely say this is too much because it's a salvage, I say I'd be content to get $6000 for the whole car, as sad as that sounds after having invested such a great deal (I don't even want to add it up or I'll surely cry).


Note: A couple small things I forgot to mention: the driver side window fell off the track so it doesn't roll up. Also it has a viper alarm and keyless entry installed (failsafe ignition cut with door, hood, and hatch pins, and a hidden killswitch to the ecu).

























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I've taken close ups of the damage just so we're all on the same page. The initial pictures might have been a bit deceiving - to be clear there is actual damage to the body as shown below.


Also by request I have taken pictures of the suspected rust areas - I bought the car with this paint on it ten years ago and could tell that there were a couple bondo patches. The passenger side one is sound but the driver side one is slowly coming loose as seen in the photo below.









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I would have bought this a month or two ago if was for sale then. But since that time i purchased a 260z. I certainly wish I had the space and money for this. As this is one of the best deals i've seen. I remember seeing a 240z a year or so ago on craigslist in california had a rb26dett swapped in and still wasn't drivable for 10k. Also this one looks like it's in better shape than that one as well.

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