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Twin cam head for the L6 from Derek at Datsunworks

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VCT cam cores are finished. Really happy to have this behind me. I had one set of S7 blanks so there was no room for error.



Cross drilling VCT control circuit. Talk about butt clenching. Sounds a little crispy as the drill bit breaks through the other side. S7 tool steel is some pretty tough stuff.




Finished VCT circuit. Still have to deburr the holes.





Here is a video of the finish pass ending on lobe 6 and starting on lobe 2. I finish them in the firing order so I don't get confused. The noise in the background are 2 other machines that I'm coding and running at the same time so I try and keep things simple:)



Next they'r off to Crane for heat treating and OD grinding.

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