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Datsun 240-260-280z - shipping to Poland or Germany

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Hi Hybridz members happy.gif
Since I've seen a Datsun 240-260-280z I've started to dream about it.
I'm reading every day the forums, projects and fallin in love with the Z. Now I'm looking to buy one for me.
My budget is about 4K and I'm looking for a Z to restore.
Most important is that the Z:
- has no rust or just few spots
- needs painting
- has complete interior
- engine, suspension, brakes aren't important
- if the engine is V8 swapped the budget can be negotiable
I need someone who can help me in finding and shipping the car to Germany or Poland.
So who wants to sell his car or got information about such a Z ? happy.gif

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So $4k is the price you would pay for the car delivered to a port that could ship it?  I might know of a rust free, running 1972 240Z that could work, and could be delivered for that price to San Francisco. But you should be aware that it will probably cost at least $4K to ship the car from the port of San Francisco to Gdansk.

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