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L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

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A couple pictures of the crossmember, more coming soon of it installed in the car. Pretty happy with how it came out for the first one but Ill be making a few adjustments to the model.  Im also wretsling a bit with switching over to the GM isolator so I can get side to side movment right at the trans but I think the 350z isolator will remain prime path for now I really like that design. 

IMG_20170830_235150 (Medium).jpg

IMG_20170830_235314 (Medium).jpg

IMG_20170830_235317 (Medium).jpg


Xmem - Iso.JPG

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Hey Guys, 

The first car is on the road!  We made a custom clocked plate for The Z Car Garage's TC24 build which they got together for JCCS.  They are really stoked on the outcome and how the car drives and feels.  Really looking forward to hearing more long term feedback from them and feedback from some of the other beta testers.  Attached are a few pictures of the ZCG build. These guys used a CBF shifter to get on the road quickly before I have mine finished. 




What are the next steps?  Models are complete for everything except the shifter which I will continue to work on (I got sidetracked with my Z!!) I am debating on going ahead and kicking off the first run for those that wish to purchase another shifter or use a standard shifter relocation.  Delivery on these would be 6-8 weeks, I may open up either a prebuy or at least a reservation list so I can gauge interest and figure out the batch size since there is a longer lead time.  I will keep this page updated.  


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