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Quality Chrome Plating- Special Sale

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Update:  Vintage Chrome will once again, as has become an annual tradition here, be offering a fourth quarter/ year end special on a select assortment of Datsun plastic parts. As always, the process will remain largely the same as in previous promotions, including the one referenced in this thread from last year. Prices have changed since last year.....some have edged up while a few have actually gone down. I will be posting prices on frequently ordered items on a subsequent post, along with a fresh selection of pics of past projects. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at [email protected] , or here via forum email, to inquire about any special needs that you may have.  


As with past sales, the promotion will be offered to members for ANY of their plastic chrome plating needs, be they Datsuns or any other vintage make and model. Thanks to all of the hybridz members for their past and continued support.


Mike Robbins

Vintage Chrome 

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Horrible Quality and Service


I sent my 1964 Ford Falcon Dash Pieces to be re-plated  and painted by Vintage Chrome. These were plastic dash pieces that Randy and Mike claimed to have a superior plating process by send them to China.


Not only did it take a long time, but the quality was horrendous. The chrome plating has several flaws throughout. And although I sent details photos showing specifically how to paint and detail the parts, the finished product was the wrong colors (silver instead of black), the paint quality was awful, and the chrome underneath the paint lifted soon after paint was applied.


I sent the items back to Mike, who assured me they would be corrected. What he sent back to me was laughable. Even more of the paint was lifting the chrome in all the pieces. I'm amazed that Mike let such awful looking pieces leave the shop as complete twice.


When I asked Mike to send a refund for the $454 that I paid him in advance. He responded that they do not offer refunds, and the only option was to send the parts back to China to be replated. 


The last thing I want to do is send the parts back to Vintage Chrome to wait another 6 months to receiver poor quality pieces and workmanship. All I have requested is a refund, which is very reasonable. I've added some photos to see what kind of quality these guys send me.


All I want to do is send the parts to someone else that can do this correct. And there are about 3 companies besides VIntage Chrome that specialize in this. 


Since Mike has not responded to my most recent emails or phone calls, Hopefully Mike or Randy will see this and change their minds about the refund. 


If nothing else, you have been warned. Do not send plastic parts to these guys to restore. 




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