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S30 JPN Garage BC Coilovers

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Ordered my set finally, super excited. Can't wait for the anti droop and adjustable height.


Just a bit of info for those still looking.


3 (kg / mm) = 167.992244 pounds / in
4 (kg / mm) = 223.989658 pounds / in
5 (kg / mm) = 279.987073 pounds / in
6 (kg / mm) = 335.984488 pounds / in
7 (kg / mm) = 391.981902 pounds / in
8 (kg / mm) = 447.979317 pounds / in
9 (kg / mm) = 503.976731 pounds / in
10 (kg / mm) = 559.974146 pounds / in


I've read that going over 300lb/inch you are going to start running into deflection problems, where the suspension is no longer the softest item when you hit a bump and the chassis/bushings starts to deflect rather then compressing the suspension.


With proper bracing I'm sure it is less of a consideration, but I'm getting a bit old it seems like. I went with 5k all around, was going to do 4k/5k F/R but thought all the weight from the turbo and intercooler and associated piping might need a bit more spring to keep it from being too bouncy. This is going to be a 100lb increase in the front and a 80lb increase in the rear from current suspension, and I already think my current setup is pretty decent.

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It'll be a while before I get them installed, but here's what I can tell you after the hours of research I did:  They're not a full race setup.  If you want an honest race car, BC might not the company for you.  If you want a well built, accessible, lots of adjustment setup for a street / autox / canyon carver setup, they seem to be the at the top of the heap of what's currently available. And, they're rebuildable with lots of 'em out there so I don't think the company is going to fold anytime soon and parts be NLA.


My ordering experience through Steve was excellent, the hardest part of the decision was whether to go ultra-low or not. I decided not to, since it's only an additional inch, and cars dropped on that lowest inch are too low to use for anything other than being a hellaflushstancedturd.

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