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Koni Gland Nut Loose(?)

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Hey guys, I'm doing a coilover conversion and switching to Koni shocks.  


I noticed the Koni gland nuts are rather loose in my 280Z struts.  They are the correct nuts (M51 x 1.5p), but they are about 0.5mm smaller than Monroe (or stock?) gland nuts I pulled out, and there's noticeable slop when threading them on.


The Monroe inserts I pulled out have a spacer that, surprisingly, fits the top of the Koni insert perfectly.  I'm considering just reusing those, rather than risk stripping the threads out when I torque down the Koni nut.


Just curious if anyone else has noticed this, or had any issues with the Koni nuts in their 280Z struts.




Koni Nut:




Monroe Nut:




Monroe spacer on Koni damper:




Monroe spacer and nut on Koni damper:


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I don't remember what shocks I was running but when I took my suspension apart during my rebuild I noticed all of the gland nuts where loose. I used some Home made spacers in the tubes and used thread tape when I re installed them to prevent backing out. I haven't had any problems yet.

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Send the bill to yourself for not making sure the part numbers were correct with the vendor your purchased them from. 


Calm down...is joke...


Anywho, the point is, (what you listed in the FAQ) is the correct number for the M51 x 1.5p nut, which is the WRONG PART.  Per your sage advice, and from my own experience, I ordered it via the part number rather than "hey, I need a gland nut for a 280z".


The M52 x 1.5p nut is the correct part.  


Please edit the FAQ.

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If the shocks fit securely with the Monroe spacer and gland nut, I can't imagine why you couldn't use them vs the Koni gland nut.  Just make sure that the shock body can't move around within the strut tube once the gland nut is tightened, and that the chrome shaft doesn't rub anywhere on the spacer and/or gland nut.  Probably a lot cheaper to reuse these parts vs ordering new nuts from Koni.  If there's any significant gap between the shock body and the inner wall of the strut tube, you can eliminate the gap with some beefy electrical tape to ensure the shock sits snugly inside the strut tube.


I guess you could try to return the Koni nuts for a refund, or find out what vehicle they fit and sell as new/used parts.


Good luck with the rest of the install...I'm sure you'll love the Konis!   :-)

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That's the plan.  The Monroe spacer and nut are a perfect fit and don't interfere with the shaft.  I'll inquire if these parts are available individually from Monroe.  Might be a cheaper alternative to the $20 a pop Koni nuts.


I should be able to return the Koni parts, no problem.


I'll post what I find out about the Monroe parts.

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