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WTB 280ZX T5 Turbo transmission bellhousing

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The Borg Warner T5 was to built to fit many different type cars (Camaro, S10, Jeep, 280ZX turbo, 300ZX, etc. etc.) all of them having different bellhousing's to adapt them to various engines. What I need is the bellhousing that specifically adapts a T5 to an L-series engine.


Thank you, jimfroula "at" yahoo.com

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How quick do you need these?


We are in the process of manufacturing a steel fabricated bellhousing to fit the T5 to the L series motor.


Yes, basically the same as that available with the T5 trans. from the '81-'83 Turbo ZX.but more readily available and steel so it will be safer and hopefully SFI rated.


You can email me at DocBRacing "at" aol.com

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