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michael wales

L28 4bbl EFI build - help/input wanted!

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Well the Z has been on the back burner a bit while I have been toying with a Honda CB175 my brother gave me. Other than a few fun drives on the back roads I haven't got it out or changed much since I think I'm going to have take the throttle linkage apart to fix the last little bit of issues I'm having with it. It is still running great and the fact that I'm enjoying it so much has been+ slowing my enthusiasm to put the turbo on. I will say that the air cleaner that is on it the low profile Edelbrock is killing the top-end more then i realized after a few quick runs sans air cleaner. I'm wondering if going ahead and getting the "carb hat" I'm going to need come boost time and then running some piping and a regular cone filter out to the front in the cool air might be better than what I'm running now.

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So while I've been dragging my feet with the turbo setup I've also been looking at the few items I still need in addition to just my manifold/turbo to put the boost into effect. Mainly the turbo lines and associated equipment.


Well then I found this. http://compturbo.com/spotlights/oil-less

Anyone heard of oil-less turbos?? Seems like it would ease my install and add to the oddness. Let me know what you guys think!

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