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350z manifold

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hi every one ,

I have a question about 350z , what is the difference that made on 350z model from 2007 and above ? .

im not sure correct me if im wrong , does the 2007 have 2 intake manifold ? and what it means by HR in VQ engine ?

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The HR stands for High Rev, It has a different valve train setup and the front of the engine timing cover is different. I think that engine was only out for a couple of years. It's a harder engine to find and more expensive to buy, then the standard 3.5l


Your going to have to research exactly what the differences are between years.


I know that they added a different intake for the duel throttle bodies but not sure what year it was. Either the Orange or Yellow anniversary Z's were the first ones with the duel throttle bodies. Then a year later all 350's engines were made that way.

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