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LS1 Conversion Leftover - For Sale

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JCI Engine Mount: $175 Shipped



JCI Engine Mount kit, have the instruction book and another PDF on LS1 install into 280z. Have the clamshell and additional bolts which were longer than what was in the kit. Never fully installed together. I bolted them up on the motor and on the car, but took them all off to weld and paint. Life happened and moved on.

Sold the Tranny mount a while back.


$175 shipped in US. Paypal or cash if local


Message me with any questions.

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Apologize for not getting replying sooner, I was on vacation for past weeks then playing catchup at work. Also fell into a river which my phone didn't agree with.


One positive note - Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire is a fun drive. Great views and lots of fun turns. Didn't have my Z, but my rental maxima had lots of workouts.

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