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S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

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If anything, priority should be a new hub like Will's setup that runs a larger diameter stub axle. Running 300m stubs in the stock OD is still a gamble with the big hp crowd, which is really who will be looking at a 8.8 swap.


A hub that uses a larger OD stub with the 930cv bolt pattern would be popular even with the r200 crowd. R200 can handle v8s, it's the axle stubs that will fail. It could be used with any rear end if the stub had 930cv bolt pattern. There are a lot more people running R200s and R230s than 8.8s, should appeal to a broader market. It is the weak link.


For circuit racing long nose R200's quit at about 600 RWHP, severe vibration followed by pinion failure. Don't know if the short nose R200 does better, the shorter pinion shaft may count.

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