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wiring specialties

Wiring Specialties to the rescuse!!

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Hey everyone,


We are happy to be back on Hybridz and cannot thank you enough for all the support over the years. For anyone who is new or doesn’t know who we are; here at Wiring Specialties we make plug and play direct fit harnesses for your OEM motor or motor swap going into your 300zx.  Designed with the highest quality standards, each harness we produce exceeds OEM standard/quality and design which comes with a guarantee engine start too.


Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding questions about anything. We are all car enthusiast and all share the same passion for the Z32 chassis.



Be sure to check out our website: Wiring Specialties

Email us: [email protected]

Call us: (860) 799-6579

Follow us on Instagram: @wiringspecialties

Like us on Facebook: Wiring Specialties Facebook






Couple engines we have here at the office for some R&D testing. Shown here but not limited to: VQ35, RB25(neo), SR20, RB26, 2JZ, 2JZ(vvti), and LS1. Making all your swap needs as easy as possible with our direct plug and play harnesses



Here are a few things we have been working on lately just to show you what we are capable of:




Nissan 300ZX VG30DETT Harness






Nissan 300ZX LS1 Harness







LOJ Innovations LS1 Engine Swap Kit






Nissan 300ZX 2JZ Harness




Nissan 300ZX 1JZ Harness




Nissan 300ZX RB25 Harness





Nissan 300ZX RB26 Harness




VG30 Engine Connectors


The above link will show you all of the OEM VG30 connectors offered by Wiring Specialties. If you do not see the specific connector you are looking for, please contact us








Nissan 300ZX Wiring Installation Instructions


Wiring Specialties VG30DETT wiring harnesses are the industry leading wiring solution for your VG30DETT swap. Our true Plug and Play wiring harnesses are made in the USA and come with a startup guarantee. The harness is available in OEM or PRO options, both offer OEM fit and finish with a tucked look in the popular PRO version.





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