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Vibrant Ultra Quiet resonator w/ Magnaflow 4" round muffler

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Made this quick video of the exhaust sound before/after installing a Vibrant Ultra Quiet resonator. For anyone else considering the Ultra Quiet, here is a sample of what you can expect:




It's worth mentioning that this resonator (part#1141)  has a 4" tall x 6" wide oval body, so it would have hung pretty low, if it had simply been welded in-line on the 2.5" MSA performance exhaust system. A new front section was fabricated, with a moderate arch to it, in order to keep that thing way off the ground. There is about 1/2" of clearance between the resonator and driveline. Unfortunately, this thing would need to be removed if you had to service your driveline. I believe you can still drop a driveline without moving the straight pipe from MSA, but i could be mistaken. Drone has been significantly reduced in the cabin, to the point that you can have a conversation without yelling. But when you mash on the gas, it's still punchy as hell. It just feels like it's punchy with boxing gloves on now, instead of bare knuckles. =)


resonator-1024x576.jpgIt's not a tapered bullet shape either, so it's extra important to tuck it way up in there. I'd hate to see what kind of carnage would ensure, if it snagged on something.  



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