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Got the Xdi installed on Sunday.  Took me about 3 hours, but the majority of that time was spent tidying wiring.  Very straightforward job and the car fired up on the first try, huzzah!

Not that noticeable a difference in performance, but it does look nice, new, and shiny.  No complaints.  I installed the Xdi box into the glove box, so as to avoid it being visible, yet still easily accessible.  I just made up a base for it to mount to with some spare aluminium sheet metal, which also screwed down onto where the glove box itself mounts.  Easy job, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  The coils went where the HPV was mounted.  









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Cheers guys!  

Grannyknot, I put the louvered inspection lids on about a week after ZCON.  I had a shop do some body and paint work just before ZCON, but I wasn't happy with the standard.  After seeing some louvered lids at ZCON, I decided to quickly order some from ebay and get them painted as well while the shop was fixing their work.  Quite like them - a subtle touch, and it doesn't hurt having somewhere for all that hot underhood air to escape from either :)  

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The local track puts on what they call "Mix & Match" nights every couple of weeks - laps around a small part of the track and drags runs, pay $30 and do as many as you want between 6pm and 9pm.  I've just been doing drag runs the last few times, working on getting the carbs jetted somewhat properly, but I finally got myself over to the lapping part of it last night.  

This was my first time driving the car on the track, and it shows.  Great fun though, and I'm glad I had a camera to record it to watch again afterwards - really interesting.  The big takeaway for me is to not brake so early into corners, and to learn to apply throttle and drive through them.  This was the last night for this season, but I will be back in the Spring for more of these nights, and will be bugging friends to ride shotgun and give me advice.  Can't wait!  

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An air field reasonably nearby runs arm drop races 3 times a year, and I went to the autumn event yesterday.  Great fun, as it always is, lots of great cars and everyone just enjoying them.  I raced a friends NA Miata, which is supercharged.  He got me by a couple of feet, hell of a fun race!  


I'm pretty torn at this point about where to go with my Z.  I have a fair bit of money into it, and somehow I am still only running around 15 seconds in the quarter mile.  Part of it is my driving ability, no doubt, but the car really ought to be capable of better.  I have the Isky cam I bought waiting to go in, which might make a bit difference.  I am also considering contacting Slovers or someone to port up a head for me though.  The head I am running was ported by Whitehead Performance in Toronto, who specialises in these cars, but I don't have any flow figures to back it up.  Everything else is in place though, so presumably the head and camshaft are the final two pieces of the puzzle, carb tuning aside.  

Anyway, a recap of what I am running for parts:

- F54 block w/flat top pistons
- Ported N42 head (10:1 compression)
- 272 Crane cam, pretty mild and only .450 lift (switching to Isky 270 dur. .540 lift cam over the Winter)
- Electromotive XDi ignition set to 18 adv @ 1000rpm, and 36 adv (all in) at 3000rpm
- Triple Mikuni 44's on a cleaned up Harada intake manifold.  Carbs are jetted 55 pilot, 160 main, 210 air, 34 chokes, and 45 pump jets,
- MSA 6-1 header into mandrel bent 3" exhaust like with Magnaflow perf. core muffler
- 4.11 LSD
- Unknown (suspect 77-79) 5 speed transmission
- Tokico Illumina shocks with Tokico springs.  
- 15x6 Panasports with 205/55r15 Yokohama S.Drives (300 treadwear)
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Another 'Mix & Match' day at the track, last one of the season.  Did a little better on the track this time, using a few pointers I was given.  Really need a buddy that knows his #### to ride along with me sometime.  I almost ran out of braking room on a few corners on a couple of laps, but thankfully managed to avoid going off.  Still figuring out the limits under hard driving.  

The car will be finding its way into storage pretty soon, or at least whenever the salt trucks come out.  I'm toying with a couple of project ideas for over the Winter, but I'm going to have to pick and choose which I go with:
1. Ditch the Mikunis and convert to EFI using those new Jenvey Heritage DCOEs.  No more buying brass, and no more dealing with the little idiosyncrasies of carburetors.  I worry that my lack of expertise in tuning them is holding the car back, and there doesn't appear to be any dyno shop in the area that knows Mikuni PHHs.  
2. Get a head fully worked over by Slover's, with whatever Isky cam suits the work done.  I have a head that was ported by Whitehead Performance, a reasonably reputable shop in Toronto, but I have no data on what was done with it and how well it flows.  It was work done for the engines previous owner, who had it done about 8 years or so ago, and no paperwork exists anymore.  Whitehead reckons that their porting likely increased flow 40% on the exhaust side, and 25% on the intake side.  Not sure what that translates to, or if it is indeed the case.  

Another option would be to find a shop that could flowbench some heads for me.  I have a bone stock N42 kicking around, as well as my old E31 from my old stroker engine, which has been ported, as well as the Whitehead N42 I am currently running.  Maybe one of them is flowing good enough already?  That said, Slover's would weld up the chamber and give me some squish, which is a big benefit.  

Decisions decisions....  



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This is Ryan with the black fox body mustang with the mod motor. I will be out next spring with my 71. You really need a set of drag radials. You car should easily run low 14's with it current hp level. I will be investing in a set and you can try them out. Basically you need to hate your car more. Sticky tires and a high rpm launch. Your clutch may be slipping a little. Did you go to the dyno day I put on last year on Toronto with the Ontario Z car guys?


Still love the car. Keep posting

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Ryan - good to hear from you! Can't wait to see you out with your Z, I think I've seen a few posts about your build, 5.3 turbo? Should be a beast!!


Agree about the tires, and my 60'times are telling, being 2.5s or higher. I didn't make it out to the dyno day, no. Spun a bearing before it. Looking into some dyno time for the spring though, be nice to get a proper state of tune.


Cheers Theatriks! No helmets required on the short course, surprised me too. Fun laps though, can't wait to head back next season. The Miata got me by 2-3 feet, although my launch was pretty terrible and I was shifting too early. He's supercharged though, so no shame. Fun race.

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Bought out a big stockpile of old Z parts from a guy down in Connecticut this past weekend. Some great stuff in there:

- v07 crank

- ported e88

- rebuilt unported e88

- comp triple intake

- nismo sprocket

- nismo Mikuni insulators

- bunch of Mikuni jets and venturis

- 1mm MLS gasket

- new L28 rods and p79 pistons

- full selection of lash caps

- enough Clevite bearings to build 3 engines

- set of new stainless steel valves (n42 sizes)

- 24 brand new Nissan rockers (!!!)

- two complete felpro gasket kits

- a dozen or so intake gaskets

- a bunch of other stuff.


Very happy with the haul and deciding where to go with it all. Building a stroker might happen, since it's pretty much all here, except the rods, but I have some l24 9mm rods lying around from my old engine still.


Anyway, the star of the purchase is the ported e88 head, which looks excellent. Enlarged ports, fully ported, unshrounded valves, 44/35 stainless valves, and a very high lift Racer Brown camshaft - measured it as around.630 lift. The other e88 is unported, but with the larger valves too, so I might get then both flow tested to see how the port work stacks up.


Pics of the head:











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Fun vids. As long as your having fun is what matters right?

Sounds like you have a lot of unknowns , but the motor sounds good for sure. Lots of research for me shows that these heads really need a lot of porting for bigger power. When Rebello heads show 40mm ports , I can't hardly believe it. Higher compression , bigger cam, bigger ports might be one direction . I told myself I wouldn't get caught up in the HP race , but I do want more myself:) probably won't be happy until 3.2 stroker .

Going FI myself incase I get the turbo bug

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Spring is nearly upon us, not that you'd be able to tell with all the snow up here right now...  

Anyway, the parts for this years round of upgrades are beginning to roll in.  My new wheels for the 240Z are here, a set of 15x8 ET0 Volk Racing TE37VSL's.  They are basically the TE37V, but a 2014 special edition that's just a smidgen lighter and with a bunch of silly stickers.  Should transform the way the car looks a little, and be better support for the 225 width tires I want to run.  Oh, and they weigh just 11lbs each!  

For reference, the Panasport in the pic is a 15x6 ET+6, and it weighs in at about 15lbs. 

I'll be ordering a set of Toyo R888R's in 225/50R15 soon.  Seems like a great tire for the money - with a 100 treadwear rating I hope they don't wear down too quickly on me though.  Seems like we're stuck with tires that are either way too hard or borderline too soft, nothing in between...  Better too soft I guess, grip is important.  










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Brought the car out for the first time this year yesterday.  Started up without issue, and is running great.  

Starting to work my way through my projects for this season.  

Here is where I sit now.  

- Ported E88 head in the machine shop right now, waiting to be flow tested.  

- Don Potter camshaft is on the way.  

- New rocker arms, springs, retainers, Nismo cam sprocket, ARP head studs, and head gasket are ready and waiting.  Still need to order the correct lash pads, which I will do once I get the cam in and the head back.  I have a full selection of lash pads sitting ready to help figure this out, which is handy.  
- New wheels (TE37V) are sitting ready

- New tires will be picked up this week, Toyo R888R in 225/50R15

- Picked up a NOS NGK Powerdex AFX wideband to replace my old AEM UEGO.  I'm hoping the proven NGK unit will be more accurate than the AEM was, and will be better able to aid in tuning the carbs.
- Filled out my carb jetting kit with every possible jet I could ever need.  I lucked out by getting a HUGE amount of jets in my big parts buy last Fall.  

- Find a Mikuni familiar dyno shop in Ontario/NY/NE area and book an appointment.



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That's the new tires and wheels on now - pretty happy with them! 

There is potential for some rub on the rears, it's close on bumps, but nothing yet.  I might end up having to trim or roll the rear arches, or just buying some coilovers and camber plates and using negative camber to gain clearance.  Not sure I want to put that on the credit card though, haha.    

Otherwise the fitment looks great, filling the wheel arches nicely.  The difference in grip and handling is pretty incredible, and I really can't wait for the next open track day!





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The NGK wideband is in, and the old AEM UEGO is out.  The NGK doesn't look as nice as the AEM unit did, but the numbers are huge on the display and MUCH easier to read at a glance.  Hopefully I get better carb tuning results with this more reputable/accurate wideband as well. 

Purely for the sake of aesthetics, I will probably grab some thin ABS plastic and make a cover the unit to hide all of the stickers on it.  



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I have indoor parking 3 blocks away from where I live, and as I was driving the car back there I went over a speed bump and heard a very loud WHUMP!  It scared the crap out of me, and I was worried a tire had blown or something crazy - just what I needed to make my night even better, right?  Well it turns out that as I was going over the speed bump the chassis flexed a little and popped out 90% of the dent.  Nice!  

Then as I was walking home, someone I know sent me a message with a picture of the girl on my roof.  Turns out she posted it on Instagram...  I looked up her Instagram profile, which was set to public, and then did several screen grabs.  Then I used her name to find her Facebook profile - one mutual friend, lucky - and sent her a message there.  The good news is that she seems willing to pay for the repair work if I get some quotes.  We'll see what she says if it ends up costing a fortune though.  

Absolute worst case scenario, I have already filed a police report and have the officers contact information.  If she refuses to pay, then I will just forward the screen grabs and personal info onto the officer and go through the police.  From what little I could glean from the social media profiles, she seems like she is probably a decent kid, just young and did something thoughtless and stupid.  Possibly while intoxicated.  So I am hesitant to immediately involve the police, since it could get her kicked out of university or something.  I'm a firm believer in second chances and giving folks the opportunity to make things right.  Hopefully that works out.    





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I will never understand people who think they have any business sitting/standing on other people's cars. As I expect you were, I'd be absolutely livid. I think you're very lucky to have not only found her, but that she is also being reasonable about it. That seems rare today.


The fact that it popped out going over a bump is very funny, but also fortunate! Doesn't look like it'll be too hard to fix, but I've heard stories about getting a roof straight on a Z.

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