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RyanT67's 240Z

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#61 ryant67


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Posted 11 November 2016 - 11:49 AM

Bought out a big stockpile of old Z parts from a guy down in Connecticut this past weekend. Some great stuff in there:
- v07 crank
- ported e88
- rebuilt unported e88
- comp triple intake
- nismo sprocket
- nismo Mikuni insulators
- bunch of Mikuni jets and venturis
- 1mm MLS gasket
- new L28 rods and p79 pistons
- full selection of lash caps
- enough Clevite bearings to build 3 engines
- set of new stainless steel valves (n42 sizes)
- 24 brand new Nissan rockers (!!!)
- two complete felpro gasket kits
- a dozen or so intake gaskets
- a bunch of other stuff.

Very happy with the haul and deciding where to go with it all. Building a stroker might happen, since it's pretty much all here, except the rods, but I have some l24 9mm rods lying around from my old engine still.

Anyway, the star of the purchase is the ported e88 head, which looks excellent. Enlarged ports, fully ported, unshrounded valves, 44/35 stainless valves, and a very high lift Racer Brown camshaft - measured it as around.630 lift. The other e88 is unported, but with the larger valves too, so I might get then both flow tested to see how the port work stacks up.

Pics of the head:

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#62 Leon


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Posted 12 November 2016 - 12:08 AM

That's some nice stuff! Let me know if you wanna get rid of any of it... :mrgreen:

#63 Rob L

Rob L

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Posted 12 November 2016 - 07:46 AM

Where do you find these hoards lol ... Nissan comp intake?
Let me know if you get bored with it lol

#64 KevvinG


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Posted 15 November 2016 - 10:22 AM

Wow nice haul!! Can't wait to see the direction you go with all these new bits

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#65 madkaw


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Posted 15 November 2016 - 11:20 AM

Fun vids. As long as your having fun is what matters right?
Sounds like you have a lot of unknowns , but the motor sounds good for sure. Lots of research for me shows that these heads really need a lot of porting for bigger power. When Rebello heads show 40mm ports , I can't hardly believe it. Higher compression , bigger cam, bigger ports might be one direction . I told myself I wouldn't get caught up in the HP race , but I do want more myself:) probably won't be happy until 3.2 stroker .
Going FI myself incase I get the turbo bug
9/71 240z. 2.4 -.40 over, balanced. E-88 Bigger SS valves, stage 2, 6x2 header, true dual exhaust. BW t-5 , STI LSD 3.90- triple Mikunis 40mm

#66 ryant67


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Posted 16 March 2017 - 02:39 PM

Spring is nearly upon us, not that you'd be able to tell with all the snow up here right now...  

Anyway, the parts for this years round of upgrades are beginning to roll in.  My new wheels for the 240Z are here, a set of 15x8 ET0 Volk Racing TE37VSL's.  They are basically the TE37V, but a 2014 special edition that's just a smidgen lighter and with a bunch of silly stickers.  Should transform the way the car looks a little, and be better support for the 225 width tires I want to run.  Oh, and they weigh just 11lbs each!  

For reference, the Panasport in the pic is a 15x6 ET+6, and it weighs in at about 15lbs. 

I'll be ordering a set of Toyo R888R's in 225/50R15 soon.  Seems like a great tire for the money - with a 100 treadwear rating I hope they don't wear down too quickly on me though.  Seems like we're stuck with tires that are either way too hard or borderline too soft, nothing in between...  Better too soft I guess, grip is important.  

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#67 rturbo 930

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Posted 16 March 2017 - 02:56 PM

Ooh, I'm jealous. What do the Volks weigh? I would expect 10lbs or so.

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#68 ryant67


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Posted 16 March 2017 - 03:02 PM

Cheers!  They are pretty much bang on 11lbs.  

#69 ryant67


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Brought the car out for the first time this year yesterday.  Started up without issue, and is running great.  

Starting to work my way through my projects for this season.  

Here is where I sit now.  

- Ported E88 head in the machine shop right now, waiting to be flow tested.  

- Don Potter camshaft is on the way.  

- New rocker arms, springs, retainers, Nismo cam sprocket, ARP head studs, and head gasket are ready and waiting.  Still need to order the correct lash pads, which I will do once I get the cam in and the head back.  I have a full selection of lash pads sitting ready to help figure this out, which is handy.  
- New wheels (TE37V) are sitting ready

- New tires will be picked up this week, Toyo R888R in 225/50R15

- Picked up a NOS NGK Powerdex AFX wideband to replace my old AEM UEGO.  I'm hoping the proven NGK unit will be more accurate than the AEM was, and will be better able to aid in tuning the carbs.
- Filled out my carb jetting kit with every possible jet I could ever need.  I lucked out by getting a HUGE amount of jets in my big parts buy last Fall.  

- Find a Mikuni familiar dyno shop in Ontario/NY/NE area and book an appointment.

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