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TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

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Damn Jim, I hate to hear this and would never have thought that company would drop the ball on so many levels. It worries me as I was strongly considering using their services for custom axle lengths for a Ford 8.8 irs swap. I actually have a set of custom 280zx turbo cv axles that I bought off of another member years ago. According to him they were supposed to be rated to 900hp capable. I have not used them as the build project is at a snails pace and I am now committed to the Ford 8.8 irs swap. I certainly hope you have no problems with a full refund.

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I don't know Joe personally but I would for sure give him a chance. He is all about the datsun community...Whitehead is OK but I mentioned before that I had problems waiting 8 months for my stub axles from them. They just kept giving me excuses every week.

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