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Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

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I think this car is worse off than I thought. 


Could you please close this thread?


I will clean up the few good parts from this 260 and scrap the rest. 


Last chance for body parts.......Its going to be a Kia in its next life. 


$1.00 per pound + shipping. $5.00 minimum. 

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Hows the sheet metal around both 1/4 windows (all the complex curvs and whatnot) and the fule filling area? I'll try and take some pics of what I need when I get home



1/4 window area is a bit iffy, I just pulled the 1/4 glass out last night and all the screws broke off. 


Fuel filler is better. 


send some pics of what you want and I send some back of what I have.

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Interested in front wheel hubs



These are in decent shape, looks like the wheel bearings had been replaced before it was left to rot.


The discs do not have any gouges but are surface rusted. 


The spindles looked good so I don't think there was any problems with the bearings. 


Pics available if you are interested. I think they will fit in a large flat rate box. 

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Most all of the heater controls and box was there. This car did not have AC just an air vent.

The plastic bits are fine just will need new foam seals. (tubes and duct box)

The metal parts have some rust and would need to be at least sanded and repainted. I haven't pulled it all yet. (Heater core)

The fan switch and other electric's might not be useable as most are corroded. 


I can take pics of it if you want, and would make you a good deal for the parts to at least get you closer to getting your car together. 

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Still have the driveshaft? If so can you get me a couple of pics?


I finally got the driveshaft out. It is in decent shape considering all the rust on this car. 


Just a little bit of surface rust. even the U joints feel tight. 


Anyway here are some pictures. 



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How much are you asking for the front hubs, don't need the discs.





Just got these off apart and cleaned up. 


Decent shape, studs all look good. There looked to be newer wheel bearings in them. I pulled the bearings and races out. 


After I got all the grease cleaned off you can see a few small gouges where the PO had taken out the original races. 


Shouldn't be any issue but I always try to show everything I can about the parts I am selling. 


That said I think they are worth $20.00 each, and will fit in a Med flat rate box. 


With a couple dollars for the Paypal fees I can send them for $55.00 shipped. 





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I'll take the one working window regulator for $35 if you still have it. I know somebody was looking at it, but you didn't list it as sold, so PM me please.


<Disregard this, I re-read it, what I needed was just the driver's side, sorry for the mistake>

Edited by Badler

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still have the rear strut mount isolators? are they tall like 280z?


I do still have them, I saw your wanted post recently. My 260 is in the first 60000 VIN and I understand that to mean most of the parts are more 240 related. After 60001 they switched to more 280 related parts. Mine is 20xxx 


Regardless, if I lay the isolator on a flat surface the top of the main body is 2 7/8 inches and 3 1/4 to the top of the stud.

In my opinion they are the shorter 240 style. 

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Hello. How much for the bumpers and bumpers and brackets? Also for the two rubber boots between the AFM and air cleaner and manifold (if still pliable and in good shape) shipped to 27608. Thanks.


The bumpers are pretty shot. I think there was a pic pack in the post somewhere of the front one. The brackets are pretty rusted out too. 


This car had the flat tops, no Air Flow Meter. I am not sure about the other boots you are referring to were you thinking this car had FI?

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