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Coolant Line ID Help

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Hi all,


I hope this is the right subthread for my question. I've been referencing this diagram pulled from another thread, but I still need some help identifying the following items...





(1) What does this outlet connect to from water outlet housing? I'm assuming it connects to the intake manifold, but since I removed the original manifold and installed the AZC manifold what should I now do with this outlet? Do I plug it?

IMG 8215

(2) What does this outlet connect to from water inlet? If it's the "external bypass" that connects to the outlet housing, I assume there should be a place on the outlet housing to which it should actually connected (I can't remember if there is a place for it)? If it does indeed connect to outlet housing, what connector should I use?

IMG 8218


(3) I just bought a new radiator but it comes with two outlets at the bottom. What do these connect to?




Thank you!


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Thanks ritrebor!


- #2, the larger inlet to left of circle receives the heater hose from the firewall. I'm just not sure about the smaller connector circled in red which I assume is the "external bypass" in diagram?

- #3, sounds like I'll just leave the rubber caps on that came with the radiator since I have manual tranny.  :icon14:


Thanks again!

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When I was still running that intake I just plugged the fitting in the thermostat housing and found a straight fitting for the where the heater hose connects.


Thanks SRRTz!


So plug #1 and substitute a straight fitting for #2? If so, that's what I planned on doing but NPT threading (1/4" for #1 and 1/2" for #2) doesn't quite work. In other words, I'm only able to turn each maybe one or two rotations before the threading stops it from going in any further. On the other hand, maybe one or two rotations is sufficient if I use some Teflon tape on the treads?

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