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Posting Photo's Need Advice!

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How do you post photo's so that a user doesn't have to click on (and out of) each individual photo? I see some photo's posted that have a "NEXT", clickable feature built into them. How do you do that?

I use Photobucket.




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Photobucket links take you off the forum to another web site.  If you Attach the files, they get saved on the Hybridz server and become part of the post., I think.  Attached a couple to see..



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hello, if anyone is able to help me out with this, i would appreciate it A LOT! having trouble with pictures showing up right when just viewing as a guest.

Perfectly fine when logged in but i get an error when view as a guest and clicking on them.


Posted pictures of how it looks on my end.


Logged in view.



Logged out View (Guest mode)



Error message when clicking on them to view in Guest mode.



Any help or suggestions are welcomed.

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I have always sourced the pictures I have wanted directly from folders I have created, named and stocked with the pictures accordingly, ex:" L28et, Body mods, wheel options" on my computer. I will go through the motions of using the (more reply options) tab lower right, the (choose picture) then attach picture. However many pics I end up including always come up as you are inquiring about in one long stream without having to deal with Photobucket ads or clicking back out of every individual pic. 

Example of some random saved pictures.






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