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I bought an old oven on craigslist and powder coated a lot of parts cheaply, but had the headers and y pipe out for ceramic.

If u look at the tranny mount picture you will see how i had to use a few washers to get the angle good on the bracket.

It ended up lining up ok but just barely. The hole i drilled on the drivers side is JUST above where the tunnel curve ends.

I spent a whole day working on this, before i went for it. It is super solid though.....

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You can see the valley cover mod i did , cleans up the pcv lines....

I like the silicon heater hose i got.

I filed the sharp edge off back of head the hoses go on but i decided to put on 2 90 elbows, so i can route better.

I need to see if the stock fuel relay works ok with the walbro....

The wiring is the big issue right now, ill be nervous the first time i hook the power up....

And finding an air conditioner set up that fits.


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Built the pcm bracket, I like how it came out. I will powder coat it black to match,

So far i have only drilled 2 new holes in the whole project. tryin to use existing threaded brackets when able.

Keepin the original paint as much as possible also...

Going to mount up the firewall fuel filter, build the radiator bracket next, bought a kyoto crossflow rad hopefully

It will work out ok....

Goin really slow but having a lot of fun.

Cant imagine doing this without the hybrid and lstech forums.

Remember going to the library and tryin to find info back in the olden days....ugh



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I built the radiator bracket last night. The koyo uses the stock mounting holes. I had to fab a way to mount the fans.

I bought a shroud on ebay then mounted the fans i bought. I got 1.5 alum. Flat and bolted to shroud flanges.

Bronze (matches the pcm bracket) tubing with m8 bolts exact size of tubing inner diam. Then bolted from fan shroud to rad. Bracket.

It came out really solid. I dremeled a few spots on shroud to make it sit just right on rad.

I bought some 1/4 inch rubber mat that i cut to isolate the rad from frame. It is not shown in pix

Cuz I will take all apart to powder coat in my oven (in garage yes I Have 220v) lol

Takin alum driveshaft out of camaro to get chopped and balanced on Monday....

This has been a really fun project!!!





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It lives!!! Sweet LS music!!!

All original guages working... Starts up really easily, now only headers and y pipe.

No fuel issues,

Had a water leak cuz I forgot to tighten a heater hose clamp.

My remote oil sender on firewall works great. Stock btw

Putting the y pipe on was a pain till i used a small hydraulic jack to spread pipes while i put v bands on....

Thanks to you guys I loosened ny clutch pedal limit and got the clutch bleed done in 10 minutes, shifts great with car still up

On jacks...

Last of the TTT stuff should be here this week hopefully drive in feb some time.....


I do have an issue though....

My fans dont come on,

My Painless harness has 2 wires for the fans ( non relay) the ECT shows 5 volts which is correct I think.

The DLC throws codes 0480 and 0481 cooling circuit malfunction.

The fans run fine with direct 12v

I figure I have it wired wrong...

Any thoughts....

Thanks to everyone for the help along the way...



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I'd have to see how the wiring for the fans is setup to be able to figure out what's going on, but im assuming the ect sensor works off a 5v reference so either the sensor was pegged or there's an open circuit. Either way if you don't get it sorted out PM me and I'll be happy to swing by and look into it.

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