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evoog---74 260z sr20det

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Bellow is the specs on the build, keep updating as life progresses, will do individual posts as work is completed.



1974 early production Datsun 260z Orange with SR20det from s13

chassis miles-70k approximately
engine miles-10k approximately





Future plans


-top mount turbo

-finish air dam for v-mount

-nrg steering wheel

-corbeau seats

-install a/f gauge

-replace front and rear windows

-replace rear defrost

-brakes...seriously, need them

-flares, spoiler, wheels, ugh, need go fast parts



Current specs

-Speed hunt tach 4", mechanical speedo, oil gauge, coolant temp, and fuel gauge all back lite blue

-prosport 52mm mechanical boost gauge blue/white

-interior mounted boost controller
-custom dash w/ steel frame and aluminum coverings
-avh 5600 pioneer radio
-MSA rear mount speaker box
-full MSA individual piece carpet kit w/ new sound deadening mat
-"Z" front floor mats
-hydraulic ebrake(stock ebrake still present and functional)

-interior mounted rear brake bias valve

-custom interior fuse panel, relay box, and pretty much every wire of electrical has been replaced
-taylor rear mount battery box w/ redtop optima battery
-all door and window seals replaced

-vintage air 2 mini ac unit w/ defrost, four 2.75in dash outputs, two defrost outputs(utilizes stock defrost outputs)

-full flocked dash and center console 

-full urethane bushings front and rear
-urethane mustache bar
-MSA sway bars front 1", and rear 7/8"
-Motorsport street top hat camber kit front and rear
-Eibach progressive lowering springs
-KYB shocks

-HID classic headlight kit from dapper lighting v1
-MSA front and rear stealth side marker kit

-Rear bumper modified for flush fitment


-urethane steering coupler
-quick steer knuckles
-bump steer spacers for 15" wheels
-Urethane rack bushings

-Aeromotive stealth 15 gallon fuel cell with built in pump and fuel sending unit mounted in center rear under body
-dual fuel cell vent filters
-Aeromotive ss series inline fuel filter
-AEM inline fuel regulator w/ gauge
-New 3/8" hard fuel line for return and feed line
-Full AN fittings with black braided line to/from fuel rail and to and from tank
-Circuit sport gold side feed fuel rail
-stock injectors w/ new seals

-2004 r180 subaru lsd diff, new lsd, new ring and pinion, full rebuild w/ 260z input flange
-beta motor sports stub axles
-240z halfshafts w/ new u joints
-ACT ns1-hdg6 clutch kit, heavy duty race sprung 6 pad
-ACT flywheel 10.6lbs
-Circuit sports v2 solid shifter kit
-new clutch slave & master cylinder, hard line, and steel braided line
-driveshaft is a 260z driveshaft, shortened, balanced, and had a sr20det input flange welded on by a diff shop

-3 row aluminum radiator
-dual 10" curved electric fans with interior on/off push button

-Z car depot aluminum fan shroud
-s14 coolant outlet pipe

-dif temperature sensor water neck adapter bung

-Nizmo thermostat

-S14 oil pickup
-greddy drift oil pan w/ increased capacity and internal baffles
-circuit sport oil filter relocation kit
-Tomei oil block adapter
-billet engine oil cap
-neochrome oil catch can w/ black an lines and fittings on valve cover

-Purchased as a long block fully rebuilt and blue printed w/ stock t25
-mines 62 stage 3 ecu w/ raised limiter, and tuned for mild bolt ons at 13-16psi

-ebay cheapy interior mounted boost controller currently set at 12psi
-3 inch full exhaust straight pipe

-Megan racing downpipe modified
-Megan racing turbo output
-new sensors, belt, cas sensor, starter, ignitor chip, wiring, hoses(either black or orange)
-freddy intake manifold
-megan racing exhaust manifold bottom mount
-HKS ssqv version 4 blow off valve
-cx racing 3" front mount intercooler with 2.5" hoses & pipes
-valve cover w/ an fittings for oil catch can, orange, shaved stock letters to just say "win"
-custom spike valve cover nuts

-TiTek carbon fiber spark plug cover
-mckinney motorsports engine and transmission mount kit with poly mounts

-V mount










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The dash is fully flocked, and drying, seems to take 48 hours to fully set. The vintage air unit is mocked in place, one bracket welded in, one bracket finished just not welded, and one more to go.



Dashboard & flocking. The flocking parts are hard to get a quality photo of them, they actually seem to absorb most of the light.

Work progressing on the ac unit, running a little behind schedule at this point.

12141030 1046127985411711 1049577661702262347 O

1519865 1046127905411719 2660985740572745484 O

IMG 1941

12087688 1046525308705312 8585889850872330354 O

11225225 1046127838745059 501843993074798010 N

12080058 1048775738480269 2200778110339656739 O

12189503 1053682277989615 3031699527865244376 O


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Finished the vintage air system.  The vintage air only has the heater running, as no ac will be installed until summer. I am very impressed with the system, easy to wire, not to hard to install, and puts out a fair amount of airflow for its size. Just need a cold day to test it, cause apparently cali is undergoing a heat wave again...ugh


12074630 1046527742038402 2228933155375987115 N

22228 1046525225371987 160111453665958821 N

12140838 1048776641813512 9009526080884861734 N

12079660 1046527798705063 2741996238040157172 N

12080058 1048775738480269 2200778110339656739 O

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Installed a fan shroud, I dont know why previous me did not already install one. Apparently I was a cheap skate when doing the cooling system. Anyways its a Z cardepot fan shroud, listed for 12inch fans. I honestly already have 10 inch fans, and they cool my  little sr20 quite well. Luckily, the 10 inch fans fit the shroud, the fan itself is smaller then the hole(think a 12" fan would fit perfect) yet the outside covers the hole and has plenty of edge for support(they fit which is what I care about).  The shroud itself is very nice, and for the price, hard to beat. Still have to drive her around and see how this changes my temps.


12191225 1056134694411040 2136224008224909689 O

12208434 1056134437744399 2612791088295079722 N

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R&R the turbo to fix a broken stud.

Welded the divider in the exhaust turbo outlet.

Pressure tested the system and found a boost leak on the intercooler where the guy welded the new outlet. Going to have to send it out for repair.

Installed a AFR gauge(no pics)

Took her for a test drive and snapped the u-joint on the driveshaft. Warm days + sticky tires = all bad

IMG 4821

IMG 4826

IMG 4825

IMG 4846

IMG 4847

IMG 4848

IMG 4853

IMG 4863


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Sadly the slip yoke was trashed when the driveshaft u-joint snapped. Luckily my local diff shop had all the parts in stock and ready to go. The driveshaft is now fixed and back in the car.
My brakes have been rubbish on this car since day one. Who would have guessed that 40 year old calipers and wheel cylinders would be junk? I mean common, they just are 40 years old. Bigger brakes are planned for the future, but just not in the budget right now. So in the mean time, some new stock reproduction brake parts were ordered. Ended up picking up some A1 cardone calipers for 25 each and some rear wheel cylinders for 27 each. The rear pads were junk so replaced those for 17, new springs for 9, and turned the drums for 15 each. The front pads and rotors were still prime, so those were salvaged. Found one of the rear cylinders was frozen and the other one was clogged. For less then 200 bucks the car now stops fairly well, has great pedal travel and pressure. Now that the car can stop, its time for more power :D

20933857 1619330698091434 2401804085439396111 O

20914368 1619566291401208 4740001992738293815 N

20842303 1621153377909166 9079780869196522399 N

20881944 1621153044575866 1120447455676105692 N (1)

20915581 1621153047909199 6176111918273986072 N

20882673 1621153051242532 6613041756334966915 N


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Competition hood scoop is installed and the intercooler can finally vent properly. Still needs sanding and paint, but this will do for now. The installation was pretty straight forward, however the supplied nuts are a pain in the you know what. 


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