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any idea what this header is?

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First thought was a clifford research header, but i am not too sure... Its got some kind of EGT port on each exhaust port. Also told its got a  2.5" diameter. It came off a 240Z. And Im told its a square port.


Im going to go check it out tomorrow morning.


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So went and picked it up today, got it pretty cheap so no worries if its junk. Here are some additional pictures. Small dent on the rear #1 runner.


Are the holes up on top something to do with emissions? Maybe some kind of EGT or O2 sensor ports?


main pipe to muffler measures 2.25"

runners measure 1.65" to the collector


Exhaust ports 3 and 4 measure 38mm

Exhaust ports 1, 2, 5 ,6 measure 30mm





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Looks like a decent 240Z/260Z stock fit header.  Equal length tubes, which are nice.  I think that those are air injection port holes, so it's designed for street use, with the emissions air pump.  Probably 72 - 74 240Z/260Z.  Does it have the thick flange?  That would be a clue.  Many aftermarket headers use a thin flange which makes installation a pain.

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They are the A.I.R. Fittings, for the  parts off the stock mainfold  to retain them.

There was a time when all you had to do was keep emissions components  in place and functioning and the part was legal.


Now those are "illegal" in CA because they don't have a C.A.R.B. E.O. Number... go figure. What was legal is now illegal because they changed the process for new parts and didn't grandfather in existing parts. Sounds like "Some Animals are More Equal than Others..."

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