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S30 track car / HR swap

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Pretty deep into my VQ35HR swap into my 240Z track car.

1973 240Z, race only, VQ35HR with trimmed harness and Orisis already installed, so I just have the engine computer, FBW pedal and no other boxes.

Using the McKinney mounts.


Some questions / comments:

  • I've trimmed the front cross member and original mount pedestals.  I am using spacers provided by McKinney also.
    I have the motor about as far forward as I can get it to leave plenty of room at the firewall.  There is really only about 1/2" forward or back it could possibly go?
  • The spacers effectively move the motor mounts in and out from the engine and thereby tend to raise / lower the engine.  I have one spacer on each side and only about 3/8' clearance from alternator to frame rail and 1/4" clearance from the steering rack u-joint to the lower pan.  The steering shaft just touches the mount so I will trim that mount a bit.  Guess that's about where it will end up?
  • I have stand-alone gauges for oil and water temp and pressure, guessing I will need to add additional sensors to the motor and just let the stock sensors feed data to the ECU which I suppose it will want regardless?  Answered below.
  • Turbo-Toys supplied the trimmed harness from a vendor in Florida and it has 4 exposed wires:  +12v, Ground, Fuel Pump and Starter.  I guess I need to figure out what the "Starter" and "Fuel Pump" wires do?  One is trigger to starter and the fuel pump is output for the pump?  or a signal to the pump relay?  Answered below


I'll try to get some pics up today.


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Yes stock ECU but it's a reworked harness with deletion of NATS & BCM & IPDM and uses OSIRIS and addition of the Cruise Control buttons so I can switch tunes. It has an OBD but I think I will only use that for building tunes.


For NASA ST3 classing I only need about 250hp so we will substantially detune by throttle limit.

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Reached harness vendor.

+12v input and ground to enable operation.

+12v input to starter wire engages starter.

Fuel Pump wire is a pull to ground output by the ECU only for engaging the ground leg of a fuel pump relay.

ECU needs the oil temp input from stock harness but NOT the oil pressure so I can pick temp from somewhere else and use stock port for pressure.

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Big thanks to Mack at McKinney Motorsports for getting the custom headers to me.

They look WAY better than I anticipated.


I pretty much now have all the physical parts to do the final mockup then weld down the mounts, close up the X-member and finish wiring and plumbing. But Christmas... So probably running some time in January and on track in Q1 of 2016.


Headers.. Then an X pipe and single 3"? Not sure what to do yet. Since I will be taking a 300whp motor and detuning to 245whp the design of exhaust just needs to be light.







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Drivers side header shipped back to McKinney to tweak the #6 tube for better firewall clearance and to update the production jig.


Impulsively I chose to power up the computer to check a few sensors and had wires crossed. Doh! Likely fried computer, shipped back for testing.


Have a swirl pot enroute which will be fed via a lift pump in the rear and then filter, AEM 380lph and filter into the VQ.


Slowly making progress

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Computer was fine (power was from a little charger), header adjustment almost done (Thanks McKinney Motorsports!)


Decided to pass the harness (87-ish wires) through the firewall to the cockpit with 2 MilSpec disconnects. Using a 61 pin and a 41pin will give me plenty of spare holes.












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4 hour marathon game of "pins and sockets" and got the harness terminated and tested into the MS connectors.

Still need to mount the bulkheads and pass a few more wires back and forth (cruise control switches retained for tune switch but need to be under the hood).

Then will finish the remaining wiring for Powers and Grounds, new fuel pump relay for the AEM 380LPH, few other bits and then finish the fuel system.


Waiting for header to come back from McKinney with and adjustment.

Finalize engine position and get the welding and repainting done..



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Decided I just needed a bit more room for the McKinney long tube headers.





Fuel system planned out.



ECU mounted and its sub-harness installed



Reconfigured panel to provide power to ECU and 2nd fuel pump





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Jim at Turbo Toys in Tampa supplied the engine, trans, ecu, harness, running on a pallet.

He was superb.  Totally stood by everything he did. 

I think the actual wiring was done by Martin at RS Enthalpy.


Here is another exclusive for my Hybridz brothers:  https://youtu.be/yGfc3N5uVfg


And now that it runs, time to pull it all back out again again  lol

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Well let's see... Chassis welding done to give more room for headers and front cross member for oil pan. Some brake lines moved and heat wrapped to shield from the headers. Closed off the last of the water passages and mounted a 2nd H20 temp sensor. Should have motor back in this weekend and get to drive. Exhaust fab is Tuesday and Dyno tuning at UMSTuning is Wednesday. Then compliance Dyno Saturday. I will be on track at Chuckwalla exactly 2 weeks from today.




Brought in a ringer for welding one fitting shut.



Removed fitting, tapped and installed CTS-2






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Love that VQ35HR.  There really isn't any RPM from 2500 to 7500 that it isn't pulling like a freight train.

I ran both races at part-throttle and all in 5th gear just to shake the car out.


Need to beef up the springs to prevent getting into 1st / 2nd gear and do some other tweaks before the next race.




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